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    Please see the KINDERGARTEN EMERGENCY CLOSING PLANS tab for DAILY ASSIGNMENTS and expectations as well as links to helpful resources during this time.
    Dear Parents of my kindergarten class,
    As you are aware, MES will be closed until further notice.  Although we will not be able to meet in person to share in our learning, plans have been prepared to continue learning at home.
    While I know this presents an unusual situation for most of you, please know that the remote learning plans have been and are, continually being prepared with much thought, care and concern by the kindergarten team of teachers.  It is important to note that you should follow your child's lead in terms of their attention span and frustration levels.  If you find your child is disinterested or unable to focus at certain times of the day, do not force them to complete the work at that time.  If your child is becoming frustrated with completing a particular activity, it is ok take a break from it and revisit it at another time.  I also recommended "chunking" assignments if the work seems overwhelming to your child.  This means only do little chunks of work at a time, maybe 5-10 mins versus attending to the activity for a half hour. 
    Most importantly, I am available to you via email at cmelfi@manasquanboe.org Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.  I encourage you to email me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the assignments, your child's progress, your child's feelings about the assignments or your child's questions/feelings about the bigger issue our community and country is facing at this time. Although I can not physically be with them at this time, I am still very much their teacher and your partner in their learning.  It is my goal for us to stay as connected as possible during this time.  Please check this page periodically throughout the closure for important updates, information and check-ins.  Please also look for emails from me during this time. 
    I highly recommend that you make use of the tabs on this page.  All sight words, reading/writing expectations, and spring topic expectations can be found on their respective tabs.  
    This is an unprecedented situation.  I hope that you are able to use this time to reconnect with your family, enjoy family dinners, movie nights and game nights.  Give your child outdoor time to stay active, exercise and explore.  Remember they are looking to you for guidance during this confusing time.  Please see below for a link I recommend reading which includes age-appropriate videos your child can watch to help them stay healthy.
    I will miss seeing all my little friends over the next few weeks.  Please tell them to remember each day, "Today was good.  Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one!" and I look forward to the tomorrow when we can all be in our classroom together again.
    Mrs. Melfi
                          Educational Background:
    Bachelor of Arts in Science, Letters & Society/Elementary Education
    Master of Science in Elementary Education CUNY College of Staten Island
    Highly Qualified in: P-3, K-6, Middle School Language Arts and Students with Disabilities
    I have been teaching for 14 years and have spent most of my career as a teacher in NY.  This is my 5th year at MES.
    **Please note: My Classroom is a Tree Nut Free Classroom this year.
    As we do eat snack in the classroom, please do not pack any snacks for your child that contain tree nuts to avoid the risk of cross contamination in the classroom.  Thank you for helping to keep all of our students safe!
    Contact me at cmelfi@manasquanboe.org or 732-528-8810 ext. 2840