• Welcome to week 3.  Please remember to do your best and if you get stressed out to take a break.   You can email Mrs. Snel and I if you need anything.   

    We hope everyone is safe.   This is going to be a little different for all of us, but we don't want this to cause anyone extra stress.   Parents were emailed a packet with the modified lessons and assignments, as well as a calendar that will help guide the students on what should be completed each day.  I will also have the daily assignments posted on this webpage.  If you have any questions or having difficulty, please email either teacher.  We will be checking our email and near our computer all day.   


    Plans for Week of March 30-April 3

    Students with an IEP in Snel/Gordon ICR Classes:


    Lesson 12


    L.A. (Snel/Gordon only)  

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD9arWXIddM Persuasive writing Episode 1: What is it?
    2. PICK 1 question/statement from below to do an opinion statement with 3 reasons. Email your opinion statement with your 3 reasons. You can use the opinion statement outline. Be creative and have fun! If you want to do more than one, go for it!
    3. Keeping wild animals in the zoo is inhumane.
    4. Do you believe students should wear uniforms to school?
    5. Students should/should not have homework.
    6. There should/should not be 3 day weekends.
    7. What holiday is the most fun?


    ***USE THIS OUTLINE TO HELP YOU.    CLICK HERE: Opinion Statement

    ***IXL can be worked on throughout the week.  Complete skills 13-15 by Friday.


    If you finish reading your independent reading book, please fill out the appropriate book report form for the genre of your book. There is a fiction, nonfiction, and biography book report form. Many of you like to read the “Who Was” series, so you would fill out the biography book report form. If you do not finish reading your book, that is okay! Just fill in what you can for your book report form. If you read more than one book and complete book report forms for each book, you will get a prize! Books should be chapter books on your level!

    Math(SNEL/GORDON ONLY):   


    1. IXL teacher recommendations to smart score 80, it is a review of topic 14 from this week.

    2. IXL diagnostic for 15 minutes

      *Please email me and I will help you navigate the math website if you need help!


    Social Studies:   DUE MONDAY, APRIL 6th.  THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SOCIAL STUDIES WORK FOR THE WEEK-- Great Seal of New Jersey Project

    Assignment: Great Seal Assignment

     Please watch this video:  Great Seal Video

    You will now create a new state seal for New Jersey. 

    • Decide on the shape of your seal…circle  square , triangle, etc. 

    What do you think is most important about NJ?  What makes our state special? What are you most proud of when you think about the state you live in? 

    • List 3 things with a symbol for each.

    Ex: a book for good schools, a swing for awesome parks, a sneaker for hiking trails, a peace sign to show we are peaceful people. 

    • Finally, come up with a new state motto, a slogan for NJ. 

    Once you have all your ideas planned out, create your “New“ New Jersey State Seal . Draw each symbol.  Use the rubric below to guide you.   



    Grading Criteria


    State motto is appropriate for modern NJ



    At least 3 symbols included and explained



    Symbols each represent something about today’s NJ


    Colored nicely



    Design is neat and followed directions.





     SCIENCE:  DUE MONDAY, APRIL 6TH---THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SCIENCE WORK FOR THE WEEK.  Go to https://www.capemaycountynj.gov/1400/Virtual-Zoo-School and watch video for Day 6:  African Crested Porcupine.  Complete attached worksheet by answering questions about information you learned while watching the video

    Science Worksheet






    Mr. Gordon's Webpage

     Mr. Gordon has been teaching at Manasquan as a Special Education Teacher since 2014.  He graduated from Caldwell College with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.  After Caldwell, he received a teaching certificate in Elementary Education and Special Education for grades K-12 from Seton Hall University.  Prior to teaching at Manasquan, Mr. Gordon taught grades 1-3 Special Education at Watchung Elementary School in Middlesex Township.

    Email: bgordon@manasquanboe.org

    Phone: (732) 528-8810 ext. 2373
    Extra Help: Monday after school in room 105