• Welcome to Miss Woytowicz and Ms. Romano's Webpage!

    Dear Students and Parents,                

    Welcome to the final week! This week you will have fun activites to complete!  

    We will be having our usual Tuesday Zoom, but our final Zoom will be Friday for an End of The Year Virtual Party! Please check your email for more information coming this week!

    Please make sure all missing work is completed and handed in by Thursday!


    Missing Assignments:

    If you have any missing assignments, please take this week to complete them. You can find your missing assignments through the Parent Portal. All past weekly plans are on located in the Previous Assignments Tab to the left. If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to us! 


    Zoom/MS Teams Meetings:

    Meeting: Tuesday at 12:15pm and Friday at 10:30am. Check email for the link to the meeting that morning. We will also send out a ClassTag reminder that day. 



    Don't forget to check out our class Flipgrid page! There are prompts that you can repsond to and view videos from us and your classmates! We love seeing them!

    Website: flipgrid.com

    Log In info: student id number

    Class Code: 3wr109


    Grading: Please keep this in mind while you are completing your work each week! 

    For the 4th marking period we will be collecting grades from the Pearson Realize program, IXL and other projects that students will be asked to email us a picture of. Since the math and science are limited in the amount of questions asked, your grade will be a little different than the one reported. We are going to use the following scale for these assignments:

    1 wrong = 95%

    2 wrong = 85%

    3 or more wrong = 75%

    As for IXL, we will be looking to see if you have completed the assigned skills for that week and worked hard towards the Smart Score goal of 85%. If you have, then you will be given a 100% for participation that week.  



    Check the Closure Plans and Assignments Tab for weekly assignments and activities! All information is updated daily on that page. 


    Assignment Due Dates: 

    For assigned IXL skills, please try to complete them by the end of the week. The social studies project will be due by the end of the week.