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    Dear Students and Parents,                

         Welcome to Week 4! You all are doing a great job! Few updates moving forward:

         We are going to keep the same grading system as before.  Previously, we were told it may move to a proficiency scale, but the district decided to continue with the normal report card.  We understand that getting accurate assessments during remote learning is difficult.  Our grades will come from specific IXL skills, as well as, using the Pearson Realize website (for Math and Science).  This means that there will be no more workbook pages for math or worksheets for science.  We will be using their online lesson checks to complete work in these two subjects. On the left hand side, there is a Pearson Realize tab that will give you information as to student username and passwords, the website and a demo video. Language Arts will continue how it is now, by using your textbook and workbook.    

        We are also going to put in participation grades for our Zoom meetings.  As we move into Virtual Learning, it is very important that the students attend all Zoom meetings, as well as, stay on track with the workload.  In previous weeks, we were lax in letting kids adjust to the “new normal,” but now students will have to stay on track daily with their assignments, as they may be a graded assignment, or a skill assessed that week. 

         Please take note that our new Zoom times are Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15. We will begin meeting twice a week starting this week. For our Zoom meetings this week, Tuesday we will be going over Language Arts and Thursday will be going over Math. Students will need to bring their workbooks to the Zoom meeting, so we can review what they have done so far. 

        Everything you need is located on our Teacher Pages.  If you look to the left of the page, you will still see the pre-recorded video lessons for Math, LA and Science Projects.  Thank you for all that your are doing! Keep up the good work! 



    Meeting: Tuesday April 7, time 12:15pm. Bring your Language Arts workbook. Check email for the link to the meeting that morning. We will also send out a ClassTag reminder that day. 



    Don't forget to check out our class Flipgrid page! There are prompts that you can repsond to and view videos from us and your classmates! We love seeing them!

    Website: flipgrid.com

    Log In info: student id number

    Class Code: 3wr109



    Check the Closure Plans and Assignements Tab for weekly assignements and activtities! All information is updated daily on that page. 


    Assignments Due Dates: 

    Please take pictures of your science lesson checks, vocabualry worksheet and create-a-plant project and email them to me and Ms. Romano by Tuesday April 7. Hold on to Language Arts and Math for right now.