• Please read Parent Letter- Changes to Work Requirements

    Science- follow your homeroom teacher's assigment for Science or Social Studies. I will email you any modifications once it is posted.


    Spelling- focus on the most challenging words. Spelling work will be submitted digitally next week.

    Blue Group- Use log on for Pearson website. Continue with Topic 13 Money and Introduce Topic 10-1 3 digit additon and subtraction


    2 pages per topic per day if you like


    Yellow Group

    yellow lesson 10-1

    yellow 10-2

    yellow 10-3

    yellow lesson 10-4


    Red Group

    Topic 9 Lesson1

    Topic 9 lesson 2

    Topic 9 lesson 3

    Topic 9 lesson 4

    GoNoodle - parent invite

    Science- Week of March 30th- Grade 1, modifications were emailed to you

    All others- complete the assignment on Mrs. Buss' website. Please email me, not her, the finished project.

    Math for the Week of March 30th:

    Red Group- Subtraction

     Subtraction lesson 1 practice

    Topic 8 lesson 1 quickcheck

    topic 8 lesson 2 practice

    topic 8 lesson 2 reteaching

    topic 8 lesson 3 practice

    topic 8 lesson 3 quickcheck

    topic 8 lesson 4 practice

    topic 8 lesson 4 reteaching

    topic 8 lesson 5 practice

    topic 8 lesson 5 quickcheck

    topic 8 lesson 6 practice

    topic 8 lesson 6 quickcheck

    topic 8 lesson 7 practice

    topic 8 lesson 7 quickcheck

    topic 8 lesson 8 practice

    topic 8 lesson 8 quickcheck

    Topic 8 test


    Yellow Group- Numbers to 100

    topic 9 lesson 1

     Topic 9 lesson 1 quickcheck

    topic 9 lesson 2 practice

    topic 9 lesson 3 practice

     topic 9 lesson 3 quickcheck

    topic 9 lesson 4 practice

    topic 9 lesson 4 quickcheck

    totopic 9 testpic 9 lesson 5

    topic 9 lesson 5

    topic 9 test

    Blue Group-  Topic 9 Subtraction of 2 Digit Numbers

    lesson 1 practice

    lesson 1 reteaching

    lesson 2 practice

    lesson 3 practice

    lesson 3 reteaching

    lesson 4 practice

    lesson 5 practice

    lesson 5 reteaching

    Topic test




     I am including some good websites that will digitally support your child' s learning:

    https://jr.brainpop.com/ all content areas

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ05Pdq1QXE Jack Hartmann March

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twH5fXRZ9RE Jack Hartmann April

    https://pbskids.org/ games to play



    https://www.manasquanschools.org/Page/3184 ) Pebble Go- a favorite non-fiction go to (access through MES media center page )





    User- first name w/ capital    password-squan    class- Deegan      ID- your child's birth month and day (ex. June 3 is 603)

    https://www.pearsonrealize.com  (mat  publisher's website)





    Good Morning! Welcome to Your Distance Learning Experience! 

    Although the next two weeks represent a new educational challenge, the belief that we are all committed to working together to provide your child with the best education possible has not changed. Please understand that the topics selected for your child/child's grade level was purposeful. These important concepts may be in need of review, may build upon previous learning, or support goals in your child's individual education plan. The scope and sequence of the work takes into consideration the fact that learning at home is, of course, different than the classroom environment. There may be more distractions present at home, family members working at the same time, and that fact that I recognize that your child has work for other teachers to complete besides me. Perhaps, the fact that your child may be aware of this closure, due to a virus, may be unsettling. Whatever the case may be, I am happy to virtually support you in working with your child. Below please find a schedule for all work to be completed over the course of the next two weeks:

    Lesson Schedule


    The activity pages will have to be printed out. It should take your child about 15-20 minutes to complete the daily assignment. The remainder of the time, your child can click on the various links to practice the same skills in a new way:


    Grades 1 and 2 (Telling Time)

    Kindergarten (shapes)

     Lastly, I will have the school post additional tests for units as needed.

    Spelling- white boards and Expo markers were sent home on Friday to practice. I 've also included an explanation of our spelling routine.


     (A classroom favorite for science instruction) Planning allows for 2 days to complete each lesson. We only have Science or Social Studies 3x per week. Two weeks should be enough time to complete the chapter.

    Science/SS- Typically the units in these content areas rotate. Also, due to your child's specific schedule, we typically work on this area 3x per week. Therefore, you have 2 days to read and complete lessons 1-3 at the Second Grade level. First graders, please follow Mrs. Kirk's guidlines for work in these content areas.  

    I will be just a click away every day. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or a request for more activities to keep your child engaged in learning. 




    Welcome to Our Class

    Although I am not new to the field of education, I am entering my third year at Manasquan Elementary School. I have the strength of experience behind me. During my career, I've had the good fortune to  teach in a general education setting, special education setting, and even served as Gifted and Talented program co-ordinator. However, I am thrilled to be in Manasquan!  It is my pleasure to work in conjunction with exemplary Kindergarten, First,Second, and Third Grade teachers. My students are welcomed into and eager to participate in all specials, snack and lunch, and special classroom/school-wide events with their grade level peers.  I am also fortunate to work side by side with skilled paraprofessionals. As a result, my students benefit from having small class sizes, individualized attention, and professionals who know their specific needs, learning styles, and backgrounds. My students also receive related services from caring and talented professionals such as:

     Occupational Therapist- Mrs. Jill Wells

    Physical Therapist- Mrs. Barbara Boyle

    Speech Therapist- Miss Nicole DeStefano

    Mrs. Kelly Balon, Behaviorist


    In addition to our related services, we have skilled paraprofessionals who have a caring, patient manner and work tirelessly with your children. I am pleased to have Mrs. Sandra Collins, Mrs. Sheri DeGennaro, Miss Nicole Kufel, and Mrs. MaryBeth McCarthy, and Mrs. Roberta Morton as a part the program. 

    All the students' learning goals are focused on the individual's academic strengths and challenges. These academic, social, and behavioral goals are outlined in a student's Individual Education Plan or IEP. The frequency in which my students attend these related services is also based on an individual's needs and are a part of a student's IEP as well.  This integrated and comprehensive approach is conducive to addressing the needs of the whole child.


    Go Squan! Contact Me

    I am always willing and happy to listen to a parent's concerns or need to share information pertinent to the children.

    My email address is sdeegan@manasquan.k12.nj.us 

    Manasquan Elementary School's phone number is 732-528-8810. 

    This call wil be received by a voicemail system that also has the capacity for me to listen to your message and get email notification of your call. However, it will not allow you to call directly into the room. 


    Go Squan! How We Learn

    Children learn best when they are taught according to their learning styles (visual, auditory, kinestetic, or tactile) and interests.  In our classroom, we use a variety of strategies and research based programs to guide our students' learning. You may notice there are not many "worksheets" coming home. This is because our learning is based on many hands on experiences, self discovery, and creative processes. The programs we  do implement on a daily basis  are: (math) EnVisions Realize, (word study) Wilson's Fundations, and Houghton Mifflin Harcout's Journeys (reading). In addition, I incorporate a variety of reading skills and strategies used by good readers in our leveled texts. Leveled text may come from a variety of sources such as Journeys, Fountas and Pinnell, or Reading A-Z. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please see the related links.




    Grade 1 Scope and Sequence