• Welcome to Our Class

    I am excited to begin my 4th year of teaching at Manasquan Elementary. I am excited to be a part of the Multiply Disabled (MD) Program for students in Grades 3-4, along with Ms. Romano. My primary teaching responsibilites include Math and Social Studies/Science.  All of my students receive a warm  welcome into a general education classroom to participate in all specials, snack and lunch, and special classroom/school-wide events with their grade level peers. This year, I will be working in conjunction with Mrs. Femenella and Ms. Wotoywicz as well as Mrs. Taft.  In the afternoon, I have the pleasure of teaching math to the K-1 MD group. I work in conjunction with Mrs. Melfi and Mrs. Leybovich. I am also fortunate to work side by side with skilled paraprofessionals who work tirelessly with the children. As a result, my students directly benefit from having small class sizes, individualized attention, and service professionals who know their specific needs, learning styles, and backgrounds.

    Service professionals include:

     Occupational Therapist- Mrs. Jill Wells

     Physical Therapist- Mrs. Barbara Boyle

     Speech Therapist- Miss Nicole DeStefano

     Mrs. Kelly Balon, Behaviorist

    The student's academic goals are focused on the individual's academic strengths and challenges. These academic, social, and behavioral goals are outlined in a student's Individual Education Plan or IEP. The frequency in which my students attend these related services is also based on an individual's needs and are a part of a student's IEP as well.  This integrated and comprehensive approach to teaching addresses the needs of the whole child.


    Contact Me

    I am always happy to listen to a parent's concerns or need to share information pertinent to the children. Our classroom for the 2020-2021 school year will be located in  Room 106. It is conveniently located in the hallway across from the Third and Fourth Grade classes. The afternoon K-1 MD Class is located in Room 202.

    My email address is sdeegan@manasquan.k12.nj.us 

    Manasquan Elementary School's phone number is 732-528-8810. 

    This call wil be received by a voicemail system that also has the capacity for me to listen to your message and get email notification of your call. However, it will not allow you to call directly into the room.