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    Dear Parents & Guardians,               

          As a team, 3rd grade decided we want to make your transition into virtual homeschooling as easy as we possibly could.  Everything you need, is located on our Teacher Pages.  If you look to the left of the page, you will see pre-recorded video lessons for Math, LA, and Science.  These are routine in our school day, so you should be able to leave your child as we "teach" the lesson, and can monitor from a distance.  There are no disruptions, and you can listen them on your schedule and at your child's pace. We will also be meeting LIVE on Zoom once or twice a week to touch base, share what we've been up to, ask any questions (educational or not).  This will be a time to stay connected and try to have a little normalcy.  We are in unchartered waters, and there is uncertainty, but know that I am here for you and your child. A top priority is taking care of yourselves. I do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed.

    Moving forward we are going to be using IXL to assess students, so please make sure they have pencils and scratch paper when doing the work. We are also going to create a drop box, or you can take a picture of the finished work, and send it to me, so we can get some sort of grade.  We have grades for 3MP, but for 4MP, we will mostly likely use a grading system similar to 2nd grade (1-4 scale). It seems new information is coming daily, so I will keep you informed. 

    Time spent on each subject per day:

    Language Art - 80 min

    Math - 80 min

    Science - 40 min

    When assigned work is complete, a great way to meet your time is to read a chapter book or magazine, or to practice your math facts (flash cards or IXL).


    ***Please look at the CLOSURE tab on my page. The tab includes all in information and updates as we move forward with distance learning.  After next week, which is labeled week 2, we will be updating with a new schedule and plans for the next 2 weeks (starting March 30th). Thank you for your continued support and assistance during this time. 


    The students will keep all work and hand it in when the return back to school. 


    Contact info:
    (732)528-8809 (ext. 2108)