• Hello All,  
    Just an update (3/15/2020) to reassure all that we are ok and that I will be here to support you in every way I can throughout this time.  There is no need to get stressed or overwhelmed- we are in this together and are like a big family.  Please make sure to go on Canvas during our class time and join the discussion each day to let me know you are present.  I will be there throughout the class period time to instruct, answer content related questions, and field any concerns you may have at any time.  Below is a reminder of class times to log on and be with me (and Mr. Pape) if applicable.  Remember to go to Modules and to the Virtual Learning for the current day, it is a class discussion each day so you just "reply" on our discussion and I will see you questions and respond.  We will be together, just not inside the walls of MES for a short time.
    LA with Mr. Pape and Mrs Mazza : 9:17-10:41 (For my students, I put "The Pigman" on Learning Ally for each of you to listen to :)                      
    Grade 6 Science: 12:54-1:34                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    RC Math- Grades 7/8: 1:37-3:00 
    Miss you already,
    Mrs Mazza
    Mrs. Mazza
    Mrs. Mazza
    ICR Lang Arts with Mr Pape- Grade 8 (Room 306)
    Grade 6 Science 
    RC Math- Grades 7 and 8 (Room 110)
    Voice mail:(732) 528-8810 ext. #2301
    Extra help: Monday- Rm 301