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    Virtual Classroom for March 16th -30th  

    Grades K-2 Raz-Kids is available for these grades through the Media Center's website.  If students forget their password, please email Ms. Kopec directly and she will respond promptly.  Enjoy reading :)

    Grade 4 -

    March 16th we will look at the process of researching information and the difference between paraphasing and summarizing.  See the attached file for more informaiton Learn how to paraphrase 
    If no printer is available, you may complete this form which sends the information to me:Paraphrasing Worksheet

    Week of March 23.  Summarizing is retelling the main idea of the text in your own words.   Please complete the form located here.  Summary Worksheet

    Week of March 30.  Read the attached article about Grizzly Bears.  Grizzly Bear Article  Complete the form located here that asks you to read and write summary information from an article Grizzly Bear Summary Worksheet

     Grade 5 -

    Week of March 16th we will look at Smart Devices and try to think of a new smart device to create :)  See the attached file for more information.  Smart Devices

    Week of March 23.  Read over the information on Simple Machines that is here.  SimpleMachinesPresentation Complete the attached form online that asks quesstions about simple machines.  Simple Machines Worksheet

    Week of March 30 - Create your own simple machine at home.  Take a picture of it and email it to Ms Kopec (okopec@manasquan.k12.nj.us)  Can't wait to see your pictures :) I will post them up on our Instagram site when I get them!!

    Grade 7 - I will post tasks in Canvas and be available during our normal classtime for any questions.