• FUNdamentals


    FUNdamentals provides supplemental instruction in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics for identified students in grades K-8. This program has been designed to meet your child's individual instructional needs. The goal of the program is to remediate targeted skills and/or gaps in learning in order for our students to perform at a level commensurate with his or her grade placement.

    Language Arts Instruction:
          Grade 1-8:  Kindle Kuriscak  x2830
          Grade K-2:  Kali Sullivan x2842 
    Math Instruction:
          Grade K-2:  Kali Sullivan  x2842
          Grade 3-5:  Teresa Reichey x2845
          Grade 6:  Carrie Eastmond  x2821
          Grade 7:  Andrew Manser  x2834
          Grade 8:  Jestine Jones x2890

    Recommendation for Placement  (Grades K - 8)

    Grade K - 3:  

    • Teacher Recommendation based on ELA/Math grades (84 and below) & academic needs observed

    Grade 4 - 8:   

    • NJSLA scores - Language Arts Literacy/Mathematics       

    ***Other methods of possible placement in program:

    • Teacher Recommendation:
    • ELA & Math (84 and below) & academic needs observed
    • Administrative Recommendation
    • Recommendation of I&RS/504 Committee
    • Parental Request

    Length of Classes

    ALL Grades K-8   Language Arts and Mathematics

    All classroom teachers are responsible for differentiated instruction on a daily basis.  Teachers also provide a minimum of one extra-help session after school per week.  In Grades K-5, appropriate guided reading and math group placement, as well as additional remedial assistance is also implemented as deemed appropriate by teacher.
    Grades K-5:
                 Language Arts (reading & writing) - Twice per week   **May be a combination of pull-out and push-in classes
                 Mathematics - Twice per week    **May be a combination of pull-out and push-in classes

    Grades 6-8:
     (Pull-out classes/small group instruction):

    Language Arts (reading & writing) - Twice per week (42 minute periods)   

    Mathematics - Twice per week (42 minute periods)

    Parent Resources: