Good morning! 

     Today is Friday, April 3

    We are so proud of everything you learned to do this week! You are doing an amazing job at staying in touch and keeping up on all of your assignments! Thank you:)  We are looking to another great week of distant learning next week. 



    april showers


    *Don't forget to check your school's email everyday for important messages:)


     We have developed our Canvas account and will be posting assignments there from now on!  We are excited and are looking forward to it.  For anybody with an IEP, please continue to check my modified assignment tab under this website. Eventually, Ms. Ames and I will each have sections on the new Canvas webpage. 

    Thank you for your patience while we transition to a new way of learning and all that goes with that! 


    "I am an important member of this class. What I believe matters. I can do anything I put my mind to!"


    *Next zoom meeting, Monday at 8:30!  Find the code on Canvas on Monday!



     Friday, April 3

    Language Arts: (all work found on Canvas under LA Module)

    • View Vocabulary PowerPoint 
    • Complete LA workbook pg. 231 
    • Complete 2 out of the 3 Your Turn Questions in the textbook on page 528   Complete sentences required! 

    Math :  

    Chapter 10 digital assessment on Pearsonrealize.com  You can find it under assignments.  Make sure you use your notebook to write down and solve each problem. Hit submit when you are done!  Best of luck!

    Both science and social studies projects are due today! Please make sure you submit your assignment by the end of today:)  You can email it to us if it is a powerpoint or you can take a picture and send it to our email too! If you have any problems, please email us to ask. 

    To everyone that has already turned it in, thank you!  The projects look great.



    Thursday, April 2

    *Zoom meeting invitation at 1:00 for math session  (This is not mandatory! This is optional if you feel you need some extra help on chapter 10 test!)

    Language Arts

    1  Listen to Adverbs video found in modules. Fill out your reader's notebook as you watch the video.  

    2.  IXL Skills Grade 5: MM.3 Identify adverbs, MM.5 Choose between adjectives and adverbs and MM.6 Is the word an adjective or adverb? Shoot for a SmartScore of 85 or higher in each skill assigned. 

    Math -

    1.  Go to the modules in Canvas. Find the math section. Click on Answer key to math test.  Check your work from yesterday. 

    2.  Optional Zoom meeting at 1:00

    Science and Social studies projects for the week are due on Friday, anytime before 6 pm. 


     Wednesday, April 1

    Zoom meeting this morning at 8:30  Check on Canvas for the code


    Science and Social studies projects for the week are due on Friday, anytime. 


    Language Arts

    1.  Read or listen to the Anchor text  (Lesson 17)  LAFFF from Best Shorts  You can find the reading of the story on Canvas. Go to modules and then Language arts tab.  The story is an MP4 file. You can also find the story on this homepage under language arts videos.  

    Remember :  You do not have to listen to it read to you...  It's just if you want to hear it read aloud:) 

    2.  Graphic organizer to fill out after you read the text - this is on Canvas under language arts  



    1.  Digital Quick check 10-6 on Pearsonrealize.com (find it under classes)

    2.  Topic 10 Practice Test (textbook pgs. 246-247) #1-14. This can be completed in your math workbook. Keep your notes in a safe place - you will need them  on  Thursday.


    Tuesday, March 31 

    Language arts -  We are beginning our study of Lesson 17.  Powerpoint from Canvas website can be found under the modules tab. Watch and listen to the powerpoint. 

    Page 232 and 234 in your Journey's Readers Notebook  (Complete these pages right in your notebook)

    Math -  Reteaching in your math textbook pages 244-245 Evens only in all sets (complete work in your math workbook) 

    IXL - skill L.11  Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators: word problems  Shoot for an 85%!

    Science and Social Studies -  Both projects are due on Friday, April 3.   Work at your own pace:)  We can't wait see how you do on both of these assignments. 


     Monday, March 30

    *Zoom meeting at 8:30 am. 

    Zoom meeting agenda - discuss Canvas and how we will be moving to this platform in a week or so when all classmates have figured out how to use it easily. For now, I will continue to post on this teacher homepage.  

    Assignment of week long SS work and project

    Assignment of week long Science work and project

    ****Modified versions (to be used by IEP students only) of these two assignments can be found on this website under the "modified assignment" tab. In the future, these will "live" on Canvas, but until it's up and properly running, they can be found here!  


     Friday, March 27   (Day 10 of virtual learning) 

    Last day of 2 week packet... Keep your materials organized in a safe place.


    Language Arts

    Sensing the Cave Activity page 33 in your packet  (This is the 4th page in the language arts packet #2)

    Your turn:  Bon Voyage pgs. 34 and 35 in your packet   (Do the activities on each page)



    Complete IXL assignments:

    L.9  Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators using models  AND

    L.10  Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators

    *For extra math help today, please use your math textbook, chapter 9 pages 210-211.  


    Thursday, March 26  (Day 9 of virtual learning)


    Language Arts


     1. Read “Cave of the Crystals” 

    2.  Create a Writer’s Response comparing the two texts. (Mysteries at Cliff Palace and Cave of the Crystals) Use your Office 365 to write your 2 paragraph response. Think about this... what do the two texts have in common and where do they differ? Start by creating a Venn diagram... list what they have in common in the center where the two ovals overlap.  

    3.  Activity Central - Character Match pg. 32 (in original packet) 




    1.  Complete IXL assignments A.8  Rounding  and  G.7  Rounding decimals and L.6 and L.8.  (Shoot for an 80% today on each skill:)  

    2.  Complete "Do Now" packet #2 pgs. CC16, CC21, CC22


    Science and Social Studies 

    Same as last week.... Read last weeks day to day instructions since there is no new material for these classes this week:)  


    Wednesday, March 25  (Day 8 of virtual learning)


    Language Arts 

    1.  Reread Anchor Text (Mysteries at Cliff Palace)

    2.  Review perfect tenses (workbook pg. 380)

    3.  Reader's Guide "Write a Job Description" (workbook pgs. 372-373)



     1.  Complete "Do Now" packet #2  pgs. CC11, CC12, CC15

    2.  Complete IXL assignments from Grade 5 (shoot for an 85% in each skill)

                A.1  Convert between standard and expanded form and 

                A.5  Writing numbers in words and

                G.4 Place values in decimal numbers


    Science and Social Studies 

    Same as last week.... Read last weeks day to day instructions since there is no new material for these classes this week:)  


     Tuesday, March 24, 2020  (Day 7 of virtual learning)


    1. Workbook pages 374 and 376  Suffixes -ant, -ent, -able, -ible, -ism, -ist

    2.   Writing abbreviations  IXL practice  Remember to go to the language arts tab:)   Grade 4- UU.1-UU.7   (Note: grade 4, NOT GRADE 5 today) 




     1.  Complete IXL assignments  (Review work) C.3  Multiplication pattern over inc. place values and C.4  Multiply numbers ending in zeroes

    2.  Complete "Do now" packet #2  pgs. CC9-CC10


    Science and Social Studies (Same plans as last week - scroll down to week one to see list for each subject)


    Monday, March 23, 2020  (Day 6 of virtual learning)



    1.  Read anchor text "Mysteries at Cliff Palace" (found in packet)

    2. Spelling Word Sort (Workbook pg. 375) *also in packet



    1. Run IXL Diagnostic (10 minutes)  

    2.  Complete IXL  0.5  Evaluate numerical expressions  (Strive for a 95% today)

    3.  Complete the "Do Now" packet #2 pgs. CC3-CC4 (first 2 pages of the second packet) 


    Science and Social Studies 

    Same as last week.... Read last weeks day to day instructions since there is no new material for these classes this week:)  








    Day One (3/16/20)


    Language Arts (Approx. 120 minutes) 

    Week One- “Animals on the Move” 

    • Spelling Word Sort/Proofreading for Spelling (Workbook pgs. 364 & 365) 
    • Preview the Topic- Take a picture walk through the material to assess both text and graphic features. Record any questions you may come across. (Separate piece of paper is fine!) 
    • Sentence Fluency & Focus Trait Word Choice (workbook pgs. 370 & 371) 
    • The Verbs Have & Be 
      • IXL Skill JJ.1, JJ.2 and JJ.3 (Smart Score of 80) 
      • Complete pg. 369


    Math (Approx. 120 Minutes) 

    *All work is to be completed in math notebook or on notebook pages that can be turned into teacher. 

    *Please note- we do NOT have a school issued Kahn Academy account. This is to be used as an additional resource if necessary. (It is a free to utilize!) We do not use this on a regular basis in the classroom so the students do not have an already existing account. We exclusively use Pearson and IXL.* 

    1) Run IXL Diagnostic (10 Minutes) 

    2) Complete IXL Assignment 8-2 (Grade 5-O.5) Strive for smart score of 85 or higher! 

    3) Complete "Do Now" packet pages CC1 & CC2


     Science (Approx. 40 minutes) 

    1) Complete the Vocabulary Page with Pictures 

    2) Envision It! (Top of page 158-159) 

    3) Read and highlight pg. 159 

    4) Answer #1 


    Social Studies (Approx. 40 minutes) 

    1) Complete Vocabulary 

    2) Read Part A: The Lost Colony pg. 87

    3) Answer the QuickCheck on the Outline 

    4) Complete the "Chart and Graph Skill" Worksheet pg. 50


    Day 2, Tuesday, 3/17/2020    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

     Language Arts (Approx. 120 minutes)

    • Read anchor text "Animals on the Move"  (Not in textbook - just in downloaded packet) 
    • Illustrate a Science Book (Workbook pgs. 361 & 362)  
    • Journal Entry: Create a color coded readers response analyzing the author’s purpose of the anchor text. This should be done on a sheet of white lined paper with a proper heading on top. 
    • Identify any unfamiliar vocabulary words. Use a dictionary to define if necessary.


    Math   (about 120 min.)


    1.  Complete IXL Assignment:  Grade 5/C.23 (Multiplication Input/Output tables: Find the Rule)  Strive for a Smart Score of an 80!

    Read the explanations or use your textbook to help you review the skill if you find it difficult

    2.  Complete "Do Now" packet #1 CC5-CC6   (Show your work, please)



    Review pg. 159  Softcover text!  

    Read and highlight pg. 160  (Energy Roles in Ecosystems)

    Answer #2  (right in the book!) 

    Read and highlight pg. 161

    Answer #3 


    Social Studies 

    Review Part A:  The Lost Colony

    Read Part B:   The Jamestown Colony  (pg. 88-89)

    Fill in the ouline for Part B

    Answer the Quickcheck on the outline

    Complete the Vocabulary Review worksheet  (pg. 47) 


    Day 3 - Wednesday, March 18 


    *Remember, if you get stuck, don't get too frustrated. You have all of your textbooks at home. You can access Khan academy for help with some specific subjects or you can email Ms. Ames or myself.  You can do this! We believe in you:) 



    1.  Workbook pags 366 and 367  Singular and Possessive Nouns practice

    2.  IXL  Skill Set HH.7  (Must go to Language Arts when you log into IXL and find the skill set)

    3.  Workbook page 363  Word parts:  com-, con-, pre-, pro-    (Can be found in your downloaded packet) 

    4.  Read a good book for at least 15 minutes!  Your choice.




    1.  IXL Diagnostic  (Log in and go to the diagnostic tab.)  (10 minutes)

    2.  Complete IXL Assignment W.10 and W.11   They are both about line plots.  If you are having a difficult time reaching an 80%, please remember to use your math book as a resource. Line plots can be found on pages 331-333 in the Pearson textbook.  

    3.  Complete the "Do Now" packet #1  pages CC7-CC8  (Please show your work on a separate sheet of paper if it is necessary.) 


    Science:   (Modified packet was emailed yesterday! If you received one, feel free to use this instead of the original) 

    1. Review pgs. 160-161

    2.  Read and highlight page 162

    3.  Answer #4 and #5 on page in Science book 

    4.  Read and highlight page. 163

    5.  Answer #6 and #7 


    Social Studies:  


    • Review Part A and B 
    • Read Part C: The Pilgrims (pg. 90-91) 
    • Fill in the outline for Part C 
    • Answer the QuickCheck on the outline 
    • Complete the "Map and Globe Skills" worksheet pg. 51 


    Day 4   Thursday, March 19


    1. Complete Activity Central "Animal Match"  pg. 16  

    2.  Read pages 18 and 19 in your packet #1  Your Turn: Wild Traveler  It is asking you to choose an animal to write a story about an adventure it has while traveling. You can use one that you have already read about, or one that is of interest to you.  *Make boxes and bullets to pre-write today. 

    Think about a story map. There needs to be a beginning that sets the stage for your story. It should include setting and characters.  Then, think about plot.  You need to come up with a problem and solution for your animal character. You should use dialogue to help make your story believable. Pre-write today and you will be writing your story tomorrow. 

    3.   Review all grammar/vocabulary/spelling completed so far this week



    1.  Complete IXL V.4   (Draw a picture and write an equation)

    2.  Math Do Now packet #1 pgs. CC27, CC28, CC314. 


    Science   (Remember: You have two weeks to complete the 5 assignments!)  

    1. Review pg. 162-163   (either in the downloaded packet or your Science textbook)

    2.  Read and highlight pg. 164

    3.  Answer #8 and Do the math:)

    4.  Read and highlight pg. 165

    5.  Answer #9 


    Social Studies   (Remember:  You have two weeks to complete the 5 assignments)


    1.  Review Part A, B, and C

    2.  Read Part D:  Native Americans Save the Day (pgs. 92-93)

    3.  Fill in the ouline for Part C

    4.  Answer the Quickcheck on the outline

    5.  Complete the "Write About It" Worksheet  (Color-coded paragraph)  pg. 49


    Day 5:   Friday, March 20


    1.  Write or type a 3-5 paragraph narrative using the directions and guidlines found on pgs. 18 and 19 of your LA packet.  You did boxes and bullets yesterday to start brainstorming:)  Scroll up to Thursdays LA  to see the more specific directions in case you forgot or didn't get to it yesterday. Please submit it through your school's email when you are done if you have typed.  Handwritten assignments will be collected as a whole at some point not yet determined. 



    1. Complete IXL EE.13  and EE.15 Volume of rectangular prisms made of unit cubes and Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms   (Goal is at least an 80%)  Your math textbook, Chapter 12,  can be used to help with these 2 skills today.  Chapter 12 begins on page 288

    2.   Complete "Do Now" packet #1 pgs. CC32, CC51 and CC52



    (*These are the last assignments of the 2 weeks worth of Science and Social Studies)  Everything listed for Science and Social Studies this week is to be finished by next Friday, March 27.  


    Review pg. 159 - 165   (The whole weeks worth of work:) 

    Answer #9-11

    Complete the Chapter 4 Lesson2  Words to Know


    Social Studies  (* All assignments for Science and SS are due next Friday!)  

    Review Part A, B, C, and D

    Fill in the "People to Know" section of your outline

    Complete the "Cause and Effect Chart" on your outline

    Complete the "What Happened Where?" worksheet  (page 20) 

    Complete the "Reading Comprehension Worksheet" (pg. 48)

    Complete the "Check Understanding Worksheet"  (pg. 46) 



    Remember to keep up on daily reading of self selected novels! If you need any recommendations, please feel free to ask! The link for SuperScience is under the Helpful Links tab along with our class password. Skill sets, video clips and activities are available. 



    Your student will always be given time to write their homework in their planners before the end of our school day. It is important to us that they are successful with this daily task. If you notice that they are missing homework assignments or that their planners are too messy to read, please do not hesitate to notify us so that we can emphasize the importance of this to your child and work with them to improve this skill.


    My extra help day is after school on Thursdays until 3:45.  Please notify me by email as to what subject your child will be staying for, so I can plan accordingly. Thank you!  pkelly@manasquan.k12.nj.us