Mrs. Reichey: Math Basic Skills 3-5



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    We hope that everyone is doing well,  is in good health, and is surviving distance learning. We wanted to update you on our basic skills program which usually completes progress reports at the end of each marking period.  At this time we feel that our traditional progress reporting would not be a true representation of your child’s progress in basic skills.  During this unprecedented time, our programs have taken on many different roles to best support our students and their families.  Therefore, we will not be posting our traditional progress reports on Genesis for 3rd or 4th marking periods.  However, we are available to speak with you individually to discuss your child’s progress in the program if you wish to do so. Please reach out to us directly for any updates or concerns.    



    Grade level and Subject  

    Basic Skills Teacher  


    Grade K-2 Language Arts and Math  

    Kali Sullivan  


    Grades 3-8 Language Arts  

    Kindle Kuriscak  


    Grades 3-5 Math  

    Teresa Reichey  


    Grade 6 Math  

    Carrie Eastmond  


    Grade 7 Math   

    Andrew Manser  


    Grade 8 Math  

    Jestine Jones  






    Teresa Reichey, M.A.T

    Manasquan Elementary School

    732-528-8810 ext: 2845


    Basic Skills Instruction (3-5)

    Financial Literacy (6)

    Math Enrichment (4)








    Mrs. Reichey is the math basic skills teacher for grades 3-5, 4th grade math enrichment teacher, and 6th grade Financial Literacy teacher. 



    She is located in Room A-7..that's Pod A where grades 1 and 2 are located.
    She may be reached at  732-528-8810 ext. 2845 or via email. 
    Email: treichey@manasquanboe.org
    Extra help is available after school on Wednesday afternoons from 3:10-3:45 in room A-7. Students are always welcome to come for help but should come knowing the area where help is needed. For example you might say: " I am having trouble with ___________." or "I don't understand _____________."  This will let us make the most of our time together and get focused quickly:-)
    All the best for an amazing school year!

    Manasquan NJ