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    Mrs. Taft and Mrs. Rotante's Class

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    OUR CLASS:  Eduardo, Cecilia, Sabrina, Nathaniel, Ellen, Shannon, John
    Kennedy, Brendan, Ella, Lily, Harrison, Jaden, Ava, Lorelei, Isaiah, Anna
    Hi Girls and Boys,
       We hope you all had a great weekend.  The weather was beautiful yesterday.  Time spent outside was fantastic!  We hope that continues for the rest of the day.
     Today we will begin our Zoom schedule - Monday and Thursday at 9:30am.  You will get an email invitation about 5 minutes before we begin.  Keep checking your email.   If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you!  Let us know if you need anything!
      Continue to go to the websites of your Special teachers on the days that you would have their classes.  Can't wait to see you all!
    :) Mrs. Taft and Mrs. Rotante



    Monday, April 6th - ZOOM Meeting Today 9:30am

    MATH - All work should be completed in the order listed below.

     1) Log into   Pearson Website Topic 14  Lesson 14-5   

    2) Think About It:  You have learned how to measure and convert customary units of length.  Today you will use measurement to explain a solution.  How do you write a good explanation?  **I’ll answer that for you! Write clearly, explain what the numbers mean in your answer, use vocabulary, and tell why took certain steps. All answers should be written in complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation.  You Know How To Do This!   

    3) Visual Learning Video: Watch Problem Solving: Writing to Explain – 14-5   

    4) Go to online Textbook p. 374-375.  Complete questions #6-11.  Write you answers in a Word Document in Office 365 and share/email it with me when done.  You DO NOT need to rewrite the question.  You should restate it as part of your answer.  

    Remember to write clearly, explain what the numbers mean in your answer, use vocabulary, and tell why took certain steps. All answers should be written in complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation.  


    LANGUAGE ARTS  - Today I am feeling teal.  It's Monday and I am ready to start this week.  Bring it on!  **Remember to send me an email telling me what color you are feeling today and why.

           **Be Sure you have shared your summary of Earth Dragon Awakes from last week.

    Today you are going to write an opinion paragraph about the question below.

    Use this graphic organizer to help you organize your thoughts and ideas.


    Would you want to travel to Antarctica and stay for a few months? Why or why not?

    1) Give an opinion statement as your opening/topic sentence. (Like you did for your assingment on Friday)

            Example: Dogs are the best pets because they are entertaining, provide companionship, and can help you stay healthy.

    2) Add 3 reasons to support your opinion and one example for each reason as your detail sentences.

    Example for the first reason: My dog is keeps me entertained while we are eating dinner.  He goes and gets all his toys, one at a time, and brings them to the table.  It is like he is asking us to please play.  He is probably bored because we are all busy eating.

    3) Include closing/conclusion sentence that restates your opinion.

    Example:  While some people may not agree because they think dogs are scary, dogs are amazingly friendly and entertaining companions.   

                  *Try not to end your paragraph with “that is why or this is why”!! 


    **This is just for your information: Login to http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com to access your language arts textbook and other resources.

    Your log in is your student number.  Your password is 4Taft19-20. Click this link to play the power point video directions on how to find your textbook on the website.  Click here to watch vide LA Textbook Power Point

     Social Studies - Due Monday, April 6th

     **PRESENT YOUR SYMBOLS BOOKLET ON FLIPGRID include your two Mini Posters, too!

    1) The Great Seal of New Jersey- view the presentation with Mrs. Niemasz to learn about our state seal  Click here to watch video 

    2) Once you know the history and symbolism of our state seal you will create your own modern version. Decide on the shape of your seal…circle, square, triangle, etc. 

       --Think to yourself: What do you think is most important about NJ?  What makes our state special? What are you most proud of when you think about the state you live in? 

    3) 5 things to include in your new seal. For each of the things you want to include in your seal think of a symbol to represent it.   

      --Ex: a book for good schools, a swing for awesome parks, a sneaker for hiking trails, a peace sign to show we are peaceful people. 

    4) Finally, come up with a new state motto, a slogan for NJ. 

    5) Once you have all your ideas planned out, Create your “New“ New Jersey State Seal . Draw, color, and label each symbol. 

    Use the rubric below to guide you.   

            NJ Seal Rubric

     Science -   

     Due Monday, April 6th

    1. Go to Cape May Virtual Zoo School and watch video for Day 6: African Crested Porcupine.

    2. Complete attached Questions by answering questions about information you learned while watching the video.  You can write the answers on a seperate piece of paper. or in your Writers. Notebook

    3. Complete Challenge in video!  It's at about the 5 min 20 second point.  The zoologist says what the challenge is.  Post a flipgrid video of your completed challenge or take a picture and email it to your teacher!  

    Technology - Monday and Thursday - go to Mr. Lev'y website for assignments 
    Research Skills - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - go to Mrs. Kopec's website for assignments
    HealthThursday - go to Mrs. Dzenis's website for assignments
    Spanish - Friday -Go to Mrs. LaMorticella's website for assignments  
    **Mrs. Reichey's Funmath - go to her Homepage for assignments.