• Kindergarten Emergency Closing Plans


    During an extended emergency closing, please practice the days of the week with your child daily.  Remind them of the month, date and year.Use the link below for an interactive calendar!


    Take note of the weather and track the weather pattern from day to day.


    Here are some ADDITIONAL/OPTIONAL activities to extend your child's learning.

     Please see the cvc word lists below.  You may use these lists to have your child practice tapping out each letter sound (initial, medial, final) and blend them together (ex. say each sound c-a-t, blend them together "cat") 




    Use this link to access and print these word lists 



     Language Arts:

    ·        Parents - read to your child EVERY day.  Embrace this time together and share a love of reading.  Engage them with picture books.  Strengthen their attention span with chapter books - read a chapter a day to build suspense and have them look forward to the next chapter tomorrow


    ·       Children - read a book daily  - read to an adult, a sibling, a pet, a stuffed animal, etc.


    ·        In a journal or a packet of stapled paper, have your child write about daily activities and experiences. Some example writing topics can include: What did you do today?  What was your favorite part about today? Write about a book you read.  What was your favorite part and why?  Write about a movie or TV show that you watched.  What was your favorite part and why? Write about something you like to play or something you have created out of blocks, legos, drawing, painting or playdough. Why did you create it?  How did you create it?


    ·        Draw and label a picture with words to explain what is in the picture


    ·        Practice sight words and try to use them in sentences


    ·        Make up lists of rhyming words for example: cat, mat, bat



    ·        Practice counting and writing numbers to 100


    ·        Practice skip counting by 2, 5, and 10


    ·        Practice comparing numbers (less than, greater than and by how many) 

    ·        Practice joining 2 numbers to make a bigger number (addition)

    ·        Draw pictures to show your math thinking


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