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    Mrs. Taft's 4th grade class and Ms. McMullen's 5th Grade assignment for the week of April 6-10th 2020

     Welcome to your quarter 4 art class!  Your first assignment will be a personal still life drawing.  This will help get you back in the swing of drawing if you haven't been doing so! For example, students will pick objects that represent them and display them on a table.  So if softball was a big part of my life, one of my objects would be a softball.  If I was really into photography, maybe one of my objects would be a camera.  They need a minimum of three objects in the still life.  You can use pencil, charcoal, crayon, paint, oil pastel; whatever you want.  Please do not think you need to go out and buy anything.  Use what is in your home and get creative if you need to!  You must pencil the drawing in first though, if you should decide to use any form of color.  If you choose to use pencil for all your sketches, that is fine as well!  I should see some shading in these drawings, and they could take anywhere between an hour to two hours, depending on how you spread out your time.  Please also understand that you do not draw each object individually.  You arrange them on your table together as a group and draw them as you see.  I map out what object is closest to me, and then the heights of each object.  I will then lay in all of the major forms to get the proper proportions.  (Proportions meaning, is the camera the correct height compared to the softball).  Once I have all my major forms mapped out, then I will go in and do my details.

    If you are lacking in plain paper in your home, you can sketch on anything; Lined paper, the back of an old poster, cardboard, sky's the limit!
    Remember, a good artist looks at their subject 80% of the time and their paper 20% of the time.  The more time we spend looking at our subject and not just at the paper, the better we will become at life drawing.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through email.  Please have fun with this and enjoy!

     Grade 3 assigment for the week of April 6-10th 2020

    Happy Monday everyone!  This week you will be drawing something from nature for me.  This will be a life drawing.  This means you cannot draw me a flower from your imagination or from a picture off of the internet.  It means you need to draw something that is physically infront of you.  This could be an opportunity to go outside and draw, or it could be an opportunity to bring something from outdoors inside to you.  Some examples would be, pinecones, a beautiful tree you may have in your backyard, or spring flowers that have bloomed.  If you have color to add to this picture that would be great!  If you only have pencil or pen, that is just as lovely.  I want to remind you this is not a drawing that should be done in ten minutes.  This is a study of a specific object and should be really examined and given the proper amount of time.  Due to us not having school on April 10th, this project will be due on Monday, April 13th.  Please enjoy and I am so excited to see what you come up with!



    Grade 3 assignment for the week of March 30-April 3rd 2020

    Hey everyone!  Your assignment this week is a fun one.  It's time to get a little silly and creative.  I would like you to create your own mystical creature.  You will need to combine at least 3 existing animals to create a completly new creature.  For example, it's possible a unicorn came from someone combining a horse and a narwhal.  You should pull up images from the internet or from books at home of various animals.  By doing so, you will have real images to look off of for refrences.  You should not be tracing anything, but just using these images so you can get your animal parts accurately drawn.  You should be drawing everything out in pencil first, and then if you would like to add color you can!  If you don't have access to any color, pencil works just as well.  Please email me a photo of your finished products, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!