Welcome to Miss Hill's Kindergarten!!
                                       You can contact me at:
                                               732 908 0734
                                       Extended Closing Schedule        
          Fundations: 10 minutes daily-review letter-keyword-sounds and tapping.
            Sight Words:  10 minutes daily practice new sight words and the old ones too.  
            Raz-Kids: 10-15 minutes complete lessons and free reading.
                          lessons:  listen, read and complete the quiz.
                          one recording done by Friday.
            Happy Numbers:  20 minutes complete 2 sets of problems.
            Science/Social Studies:  15 minutes a day.  Project for the week.  Share in Flipgrid by Friday.
            Optional stem challenge for the week.  Share on Flipgrid on Friday.
                               Thank you so much for all you are doing.