• Winter Kindergarten Topics

    Let It Snow!

    December, January, February

    • Spell first and last name
    • Know birthdate and age
    • Know phone # and address (cell phone if preferred)
    • Know letters and sounds previously taught letters and include: N, C, O, F, H, D, R
    • Review current sight words and include: to, have, is, play, are, for, you
    • Practice reading simple sentences with sight words and word families
    • Recognize and write #s up to 20
    • Count to 50
    • Adding #s 0-10 for example: 1+3=4, 5+4=9, 10+10=20
    • Count by 10’s to 100
    • Work on patterns and repeating patterns of shapes for example: {circle, square, triangle} and repeat {circle, square, triangle}