• Elementary School Academics

    Preschool – Grade 4

    At Manasquan Elementary School, our goal is to ensure that our youngest students are well-prepared at the beginning of their educational career.   The primary and elementary years are extremely important as they set the foundation for a child’s academic future.   Our goal is to provide a warm, positive, and inviting environment where a developmentally appropriate curriculum will lead our children to achieve their highest potential.   Children in these developmental years should enjoy coming to school every day and be excited about learning.  Our teachers are staff work hard to promote a positive experience in a learning environment that is nurturing, safe, fun and exciting. 

    At MES, we take great pride in our primary and elementary programs as we work to ensure that our students become successful and productive members of our society.  We work to develop creative problem-solvers and innovative thinkers – as well as instilling in our students a life-long passion for learning.  Our educators design rigorous classroom experiences that capture our students’ interests, challenge their thinking, and actively engage them in learning.

    Our teachers use a variety of instructional methods, strategies, hands-on experiences, and supplemental resources to build skills and conceptual understanding.  Many systems are in place to provide additional support to students, both in remediation and enrichment, in order for them to be successful in school.  At MES, we also place high value on meeting our students’ social and emotional needs in a supportive and understanding environment.   Professional members of our School Counseling Department and our Child Study Team help students who are struggling with problems that might affect their academic performance or their social, emotion, and psychological well-being.

    Our core academic program focuses on the following areas:STEAM

    • English Language Arts
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
    • Social Studies
    • Visual and Performing Arts (Fine Arts & Music)
    • Physical Education & Health
    • World Languages (Spanish)


    Our elementary school curricula in each of the major and special subject areas is aligned to meet the highest academic standards as outlined in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS).

    Below is an overview of the elementary school years:

    • Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten: Children begin to develop a relationship with learning through play.  They develop an early knowledge about the world around them.  Instructional focus is placed on skills needed for expanding the children’s vocabulary and learning about numbers.   Hands-on learning helps our youngest students begin to explore problem-solving.  The development of social and emotional skills is emphasized. 

    • Kindergarten:  Children focus on basic literacy and math-related skills needed for beginning reading and problem-solving skills.  The Kindergarten classroom encourages curiosity as students learn more about the world around them.  The children also learn to become more comfortable working in a classroom setting with their peers as they learn.  In addition, they continue to further enhance their social and emotional skills.

    • First – Fourth Grades: Elementary school children learn important skills and knowledge through direct academic instruction from their teachers.  On-going opportunities are provided for problem-solving, collaborative learning, and developing independent mastery of developmentally appropriate grade-level skills.  Students are fully immersed in critical thinking and opportunities to communicate their ideas and knowledge with others.  Social and emotional skills continue to be developed. 


    Play Learn Grow Together Overall, we believe that all children are unique with specific learning needs and styles -- and all children have something very special that they bring to their own education.  We encourage our students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well as embrace the differences of others.  We are a learning community whose role is to assist each and every child in developing their own potential and developing a life-long passion for learning.