• Mr. Anthony Cinelli - Middle School Counselor
    Welcome everyone to a new school year! I am excited to begin another year as the middle school counselor at MES!  
    If your child is in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade I will be their counselor. My philosophy is that the social and emotional needs of our students, their mental health and their ability to feel connected and confident are all prerequisites for their academic success and well-being later in life in their jobs and relationships. I am here to help in all ways to make sure every child has a middle school experience of growth, development and progress. This time period can be tough for teens and pre-teens and with the growing pressures of social media and the demands of the world around them, my job and all our jobs become even more important as educators and as parents. 
    A little bit about myself. This will be my 8th year as a School Counselor. Some of my areas of interest include acceptance and diversity, self-esteem, leadership development, sport and performance, anxiety management, team building and identity development. I received my undergraduate education in psychology from Quinnipiac University where I was also a member and captain of the baseball team there. After, I went on to get my master's degree in mental health counseling with a concentration in school counseling and sport and performance psychology from Boston University. I have worked in many different facets of mental health and counseling services. I worked as a counselor in a recovery-based high school for teens battling substance abuse issues and as a sport psychology consultant with college athletes and teams in the Boston area. I have worked in urban and suburban middle schools and high schools, coached baseball and ran various youth development programs. I enjoy cooking, playing and watching sports, hiking, discovering new bands and music, reading and spending time with friends and family when I am not in school! 
    Lets have a great year!