• Mrs. Nancy Sanders - School Counselor, Grades K-5
        It is always exciting to start a new school year!  The best part of my job is watching our students grow and develop into amazing and precious young girls and boys!  Each year presents itself with new challanges, accomplishments  and discoveries.  I view myself as a helper to our students as they navigate through their childhood years!   In supporting our parents and staff it gives me a great opportunity to collaborate as a team approach.  I have been the counselor at MES for grades Pre-K through 8th beginning in 2007.  Since 2018 I have been working with grades Pre-K-5.  I  have been able to coordinate our Intervention and Referral Services Committee as well.  This experience has been a very important role as we work with our teachers and parents in assisting them in helping our children emotionally, socially and academically as they experience difficulties in the general edcuation classroom. 
        I have been in many roles within the Manasquan School district starting in the high school in 1983 as a Special Education Teacher,  to being the Drug & Alcohol Coordinator in the high school and then Guidance, School Counselor in the elementary school.  I have extensive training in crisis response and identifying high risk students.  I am a licensed professional counselor as well.  My years at Manasquan have been very rewarding and I look forward to each year as a new endeavor as they are filled with many challenges and changes.  One thing that is constant in our lives is "Change" and I welcome that each and every day as I work with your children during this journey.  I feel it is important to look at the whold child, their strenghts and weaknesses and encourage them to find their path and explore their natural gifts along the way.  Each child is unique and has a purpose!  I want them to know how special they are.  No child or adult wants to fail.  They do need to set goals that they can build upon to become the person they are meant to be and if I can in anyway help them accomplish that I have done my job.  Please reach out and let me know if I can assist in anyway as I wish you and your child a happy and healthy school year!