Mrs. Jill Santucci- MHS &  Mr. Anthony Cinelli-  MES

    Our  main goal in working together to create the Manasquan High School (MHS)Peer Leadership Program is to teach high school students specific leadership and mentoring skills. The MHS peer leaders are trained in specific communication skills and procedures during a high school peer leadership course. During the school year, the high school students participate in the school based peer- mentoring program whose goal is to help improve the social skills and/or academic achievement of younger students in the elementary school. Each week during the school year the MHS peer leader meets with the Manasquan Elementary School (MES) student to whom he or she has been assigned. The program allows them to meet at least one time each week for a 25 minute period during the school day. The activities for the meetings are determined by the child’s teacher or the school counselor. The objective of the lesson or activity depends on the needs of the elementary school child. For example, if there is an academic concern, the classroom teacher prepares the lessons to be taught by the MHS Peer Leader. If the MES student needs to develop and improve social skills, the school counselor will plan activities for the MHS Peer Leader.

    There is an ONLINE FORM now available to be completed by student, parent(s), or teacher if you would like to request a peer. Please print or email form and return to Mr Cinelli or Ms. Schwier.

    A peer is not guaranteed for all students, but we will do our best to accommodate as many students as possible.