• Current Kindergarten Topics

    March, April, May, June

    1.     Spell first and last name

    2.     Know birthdate and age

    3.     Know phone # and address

    4.     Know letters and sounds for review previously taught letters and include: L, B, E, U, K(ck), G, W, Qu, V, X, Y, Z

    5.     Review sight current sight words and include: and, do, this, here, what, little, was, said, she, he, has, look, with, my, me, where

    6.     Practice reading simple sentences  with sight words and word families

    7.     Recognize and write #s up to 30

    8.     Count to 100

    9.     Adding #s 0-10

    10.  Count by 10’s to 100

    11.  Work on patterns and repeating patterns of shapes for example {circle, square, triangle} and repeat {circle, square, triangle}

    12. Blending three to four letter words (see the word families link for examples)