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    Cuddle Conversations




    Enjoy nightly book talks with your child!




    Suggested books or genres:


    · Fairy Tales

    · Nursery Rhymes

    · Classics

    · Aesop’s Fables


    · Folktales

    · Tall Tales

    · Picture books (great for discussions)

    · Wordless books



    Topics to discuss as your child reads or youread to your child:


    · Characters(Are they (nice, mean, etc.)? Do you like what they are doing? )


    · Setting(Where did the story take place? How can you tell?)


    · Who (Whois the main character )


    · Whathappened at the beginning, middle, & end?


    · When didthe story take place? (time period, season, time of day?)


    · Why did the author write this story? Why did thecharacters feel (happy, sad, scared, etc.)


    · Howare______ and _______different? How are they alike?


    · Problem/solution(Did everything the character try work?)


    · Change or alter the ending to create a different outcome

    We love to read




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