• 1. Grades K-2 can practice reading and spelling using the fundations powerpoint link below. No printing required.

    Fundations Interactive PowerPoint


    2. Kindergarten: Students can practing writing lower-case letters with proper letter formation. These pages will need to be printed. 

    Letter Formation Practice


    3. Trick Word Bump is a game that can be used at home to practice trick words or vocabulary words. This game will need to be printed out and does require dice.

    Click on the link below to review the directions for how to play. Your word list can be any trick words or vocabulary words your child has learned in class this year. As your child becomes familiar with the game, ask them to use the words in a sentence so they can apply meaning to the words they read. 

    Trick Word Practice


    4. Trick Word Kaboom! This is a trick word game I use in class with the students at the start or end of a lesson. This game can also be used with math facts and the students love it! Click on the link below to make your own Kaboom game at home. If you do not have popsicle sticks, you can use folded strips of paper as an alternative. 



    Have fun! :)