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    This will be an interesting few weeks, but together we can help your child continue to succeed and grow. I've attached some files below that contain downloadable games and activities that you can play with your child. In addtion, I've listed a few activities that we've used in class that your child can teach to you:-) The internet is filled with great ideas, but can be overwhelming. Please feel free to email me if you'd like some more activities. I'm happy to share. 

    fraction roll and cover                    color by number grade 5         More Place Value

    color by number                             Domino Maze Multiply            Multiplication Bump

    Addition Skoot                               Multiplication Games              One or More Bingo

    Factors with Friends                       Place Value                            Mulitplication Squares

    Roll it, Round it                              Flash Cards Multiplication       Fraction Bars Printable


    In addtion to these resources, often in class we put a new twist on a board game. We use flashcards and/or dice to create our +,-,x, / problem. Have  your child solve a problem inorder to take a turn. You can multiply, divide, add, or subtract the numbers on 2 or more die or playing cards, or use a flashcard as the problem to be solved. You can even use dominoes the same way, add, subtract, or multiply the total dots on each side of the domino. All three grade levels have been working on fractions. Dominoes are a great way to practice this.

    Some board games that are fun to apply this to are: Kerplunck, Don't Break the Ice, Shutes and Ladders, Ants in the Pants, Connect Four, Operation, Mouse Trap. Really anything can be made into a math game. Ask your child about playing "Heads Up" with playing cards!

    Please check back to my site for a list of websites that should be fun and helpful, as well. I'll be adding them as we move along. 


    Students who participate in Basic Skills Math in grades 3-5 with Mrs. Reichey should continue to use IXL math for extra practice and skill building. Doing this will support classroom teacher assignments and lessons and reinforce previously learned skills. 


    Grade 3: IXL addtion (C), subtraction  (D), multiplicati0on (E, F, G, H), division ( I, J, K) , fractions W .1 (all sections)

    Grade 4: IXL multiplicati0on (D, E), division F), fractions (P)

    Grade 5: IXL multiplication (C), division (D), fractions (K, L, M)

    All three grades are working on similar topics but at different levels. The IXL program will strengthen, reinforce, and teach skills. If your child is having difficulty with a problem, please be sure to have  him/her use the option "I'm not ready for this". The program will adjust to your child's skill level and build as he/she becomes more proficient. 

    Please email me at treichey@manasquan.k12.nj.us if you have any questions or concerns. I'm happy to help provide more resources, activities, and support. 


    All the best! 

    Teresa Reichey