• Tuesday, 11.12

    Good Afternoon,

    I hope everyone is staying warm during the first snow of the season! Enjoy your evening and make sure you have CHAPTER 10 of Nothing But The Truth complete for tomorrow.


    Mr. Pape


    Monday, 11.11 (Make a wish...!)

    Good Afternoon,

    As we kick off our second marking period, I would like to announce the following change to grading: Weekly Participation grades will now be out of 50 points, rather than 100.

    In terms of today's lesson, we had an exciting time searching for our vocabulary throughout the classroom using QR codes for definitions. We will have a vocabulary quiz this Friday, 11/15, on words 1-10 from the book Nothing But The Truth. We will have time throughout the week to study and prepare for this quiz. 

    Furthermore, as we began reading today in class, students were also asked to read chapters 6 and 7 of the novel for homework (if they did not complete the reading in class).

    That's all for today! I am looking forward to meeting some of our parents at tonight's meetings, and once again, a sincere thank you to those of you that came out to meet during last week's conferences. 

    Have a great day,

    Mr. Pape


    Wednesday, 10.30

    Good Morning Parents and Students!

    My apologies for the recent lack of announcements. We have been working hard in 306, preparing for the presentation of our student-generated Harassment Intimidation and Bullying Policies, which we will be showcasing today for Mr. Cinelli, Mr. Roach, and several other administrators at MES for the chance to present these policies at the November Board of Education meeting!

    Additional Announcements:

    We are very eagerly and carefully watching the weather as it pertains to tomorrow's Halloween parade. Please keep an eye on the district and MES homepage for up-to-date details.

    Daytime Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held next week, Monday November 4 through Wednesday November 6. Please contact our main office staff to set up a conference!

    That's it for today! Check back in regularly for more details about what's going on in 306!


    Mr. Pape


    Wednesday, 10.23

    Good Morning!

    We have some big announcements to share today from room 306! Today, Mr. Cinelli will be coming in to teach a lesson on Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying. Throughout this lesson, students will be able to discuss prevention strategies, as well as different ways to improve our school community.

    This lesson will culminate with the students creating their own Anti-Bullying School Policy in groups, which they will develop over the rest of the week, and actually present them to Mr. Cinelli and our curriculum director at MES, Mr. Roach! Following these presentations, Mr. Cinelli and Mr. Roach will actually be choosing a policy to have presented at our November Board of Education meeting!

    More details to follow after Mr. Cinelli's lesson today. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and please ask your students about this exciting opportunity today!


    Mr. Pape


    Tuesday, 10.15

    Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed their day off yesterday. I had the opportunity to meet with the English teachers at the high school to discuss some of the things they feel need strengthening in the middle school. With that in mind, we will be focusing on executive functions (planning, organizing, and completing work independently) and analysis writing.

    In today's class, we outlined an example Literacy Analysis essay, which we will be writing throughout the week, and will be due SUNDAY NIGHT before midnight. Along with this essay, there are activities on NoRedInk.com, due FRIDAY by the end of the day.

    PARENTS: Just a reminder that there is a high school interest meeting tonight at pm for Manasquan High School. 

    Keep checking back here and on Canvas for an up to date breakdown of this week's assignments!


    -Mr. Pape


    Tuesday, 10.8

    Good Afternoon,

    StoryboardThat.com was a big success in class today, a many students expressed a serious excitement for their new assignment. We also had a great time reviewing for our upcoming quiz on chapters 5-8 TOMORROW. Please review any and all available study materials posted on our Canvas page. Study, and I'll see everyone tomorrow morning.

    Progress Reports will be out this week, please keep an eye on the Parent Portal.

    -Mr. Pape


    Monday, 10.7

    Good Afternoon,

    Today we reviewed for our upcoming quiz on chapters 5-8 of That Was Then, This Is Now. Please review the study guide we reviewed in class, and begin to prepare your answers for possible open-ended questions on this WEDNESDAY's quiz.

    Please make sure all tablets are fully charged for class tomorrow!

    Parents: please be advised that Marking Period 1 Progress Reports will be posted later this week. 

    Thank you,

    -Mr. Pape


    Friday, 10.4

    Good Morning, and Happy Friday!

    Just a couple quick announcements before we jump into the weekend...

    There will be a quiz on chapters 5-8 of the novel, as well as 5 new vocabulary words from our list of 20, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9. All study materials can be found on Canvas. Today and some of Monday's classes will be dedicated solely to review for the quiz.

    Parents: Please keep an eye on the ParentPortal for the new implementation of weekly Participation grades. This grade is indicative of your student(s)' preparedness for and behaviors in class throughout the week. Your students can give you more information if there are any misunderstandings, but you can also contact me at any time via email or phone.

    Have a great weekend!

    -Mr. Pape


    Thursday, 10.3

    Good Afternoon,

    In today's class, we reviewed chapter 7 and read through chapter 8. Some classes will need to finish this reading for homework. We will review and discuss tomorrow! One more day, let's have a great Friday!

    Have a great rest of the night!

    -Mr. Pape


    Wednesday, 10.2

    Good Evening,

    Sorry that today's announcement is a little later than usual. All quizzes from chapters 1-4 have been graded and will be handed back tomorrow. Reminder that all students' homework tonight is to finish reading chapter 7 of the novel. We will discuss this in class first thing tomorrow. 

    That's all for today's updates! Have a great night,

    -Mr. P@pe


    Monday, 9.30

    Good Afternoon!

    We had a pretty easy day in 306 today, reading chapter 5 of That Was Then, This Is Now together in class, and studying for tomorrow's class after we were done reading.

    Reminder: there is a study guide and a quizlet available on Canvas. The questions on the study guide will be (almost) the exact questions on tomorrow's quiz, so please use these study tools tonight.

    I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!

    -Mr. Pape


    Good Morning!

    I'm putting out the Daily Announcement a little early today, just to inform everyone of some important details for next week's quiz on chapters 1-4 of That Was Then, This Is Now.

    Today in class, students are reviewing for the quiz using a study guide (available on Canvas) which was created by combining all of the student-generated questions from Thursday's class. They are also reviewing vocabulary words 1-10 from the Quizlet provided on our Canvas page. 

    Following this review time, the class was given a crossword puzzle to complete using important information from chapters 1-4, which will also help reinforce the information that will be on the quiz. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, preferably via email, over the weekend.

    HOMEWORK - Have a great weekend :)

    -Mr. Pape


    Wednesday 9.25 & Thursday 9.26

    Good Afternoon!

    After reading chapter 4 of the novel That Was Then, This In Now, in class on Wednesday, students completed comprehension questions for chapters 3 and 4. Today students did an excellent job checking these questions with one another, and identifying the major plot events from each of the chapters.

    We then went on to identify the Top 5 pieces of textual information from all 4 chapters, and as a class, created 12 questions about the novel that will be used for a quiz on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1. We will be reviewing for this quiz in class tomorrow.

    In addition to the questions that students wrote themselves, we will also have 5 vocabulary words to identify on the quiz. All study materials, including a quizlet for the vocabulary and the notes on each chapter, can be found on the canvas page under the module That Was Then, This Is Now.

    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    -Mr. Pape


    Monday 9.23 & Tuesday 9.24

    Daily Announcements are back! I will be posting daily announcements in order to keep parents and students updated on the daily happenings in 306.

    Monday's class consisted of a discussion of literary conflicts (I have copies of notes for anyone who may have missed them or needs another copy!), and we even practiced what we talked about in our reading of the short story "The Sniper". Students also completed study guides for chapters 1 and 2 of That Was Then, This Is Now, which we will be using for something very exciting later this week!

    Tuesday (today) we read chapter 3 of That Was Then, This Is Now. This reading needs to be completed for homework by any students whose class did not finish the reading already. No further homework!

    Please check the Canvas for extra copies of worksheets, as well as helpful information, including a Quizlet for our vocabulary. We will be using these words in class, but as of now there is no vocabulary quiz scheduled. I will inform you of any and all formal assessments well in advance.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, and I look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow!

    -Mr. Pape


    Thursday, 9.12

    Good Afternoon!

    I just wanted to send a quick reminder about tonight's Back to School Night, beginning at 7pm. I am looking forward to meeting with you in room 306, and discussing our year. 

    See You Soon!

    -Mr. Pape


    Friday, 9.6 and Monday, 9.9.2019

    Good Afternoon!

    On Friday, students completed their diagnostic writing assignments on the topic of The Outsiders. Following the writing assignment, students were also given a composition notebook. These notebooks are to be used for writing assignments in class,as well as a personal journal. We will discuss these journals more on Back to School night (Thursday, September 12).

    In today's class, we discussed the importance of goal setting. We read an excellent article about a young girl in Washington, D.C... who graduated at the top of her class after overcoming 6 years of homelessness, and had received a full-ride to Georgetown University. *This article came paired with discussion questions that students are to complete for homework tonight.

    REMINDER: Thursday, September 12 is also PICTURE DAY. Please submit all picture order forms to your homeroom teacher ASAP.

    Have a great rest of your evening!

    -Mr. Pape


    Thursday, 9.5.2019

    Good Afternoon!

    Today's review of The Outsiders was a lot of fun, and a lot of students provided some wonderful character analyses in preparation for tomorrow's Summer Read Writing Task. Students have the option of using their books tomorrow during the writing task, if they wish. 

    Reminder: All Classroom Rules and Regulations forms are due by the end of the day Monday, 9/9. Signing and returning the slip is a graded assignment. 

    Don't forget to return any Dismissal forms to your homeroom teachers, as soon as possible. 

    As always, feel free to contact me via phone or email with any questions or concerns.

    Best Regards,

    Mr. Pape