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    Strategies for Developing Organizational Skills

    1. Use Checklists- Create a " to-do" list for assignments and chores. Cross completed items off of your list.
    2. Organize Homework Assignments- Start with easier, shorter assignments saving the longest or more difficult for last.
    3. Set A Designated Study Space- Study in the same place where supplies and materials are close at hand.
    4. Set A Designated Study Time- Children should know that a certain time every day is reserved for studying and doing homework. Even if they do not have homework, reviewing notes will help.
    5. Keep Organized Notebooks- View them periodically to check on the amount of paper left, their condition, and that children are keeping quizzes and tests for exam review.
    6. Conduct A Weekly Clean-up- Go through book bags, notebooks, and lockers to be sure they are organized.
    7. Create A Household Schedule- Try to establish a regular dinner time and bedtime.
    8. Keep A Master Calendar- A large wall-sized calendar of family commitments, extracurricular activities,and days off from school help family members keep track of happenings.
    9. Prepare For The Day Ahead- Pack school work and books in a book bag and take clothes out the night before to avoid morning confusion.
    10. Provide Support- By giving your child reminders and setting a good example the process of developing organizational skills should be a positive one.
    Have a great school year!