• Grade 2 Fundations

    Mrs. Sayre & I will be wrapping up Fundations Unit 6 so it would be beneficial to continue practicing marking syllable(s) and practicing long and short vowel sounds. Open syllables will be the next unit of study (see below attached) so please continue discussion and review of the already learned syllable types. 

    Unit 7 Home Packet

    See the below poster in order to better understand the syllable types already learned (closed, vowel-consonant-e, as well as exceptions for both) as well as the upcoming open syllable.


    As always, review Trick Words which will be in the distance learning packet being distributed electronically Monday 3-16-20. 

    Should you need any assistance or support with ANY acadmics please reach out to Mrs. Sayre or myself; we are here from a distance to make this go as smoothly as possible for all of our students and their families! Stay safe and healthy.