September 14, 2023


    The 2023 MES Boys Soccer Team is listed below.  I would like to give a special thank you to each and every player that tried out for this year’s team.  This year’s selection process has proven to be extremely difficult. The effort and turn out was amazing.  Unfortunately, there are good soccer players and great all around kids in general at each grade level that did not make the team.  Being cut from a team is not an easy feeling and I remember it myself all too well. I encourage every player that did not make the team to continue to practice and try out again next year whether that be here at MES or in high school.  

    *** There are three players whose status is pending as they have only completed two try-out days.  In order to keep it fair for all players involved, they are invited to tomorrow's practice to complete their final try-out day. They will be notified of their status following tomorrow's practice. ***

    The players listed below should report tomorrow to the team’s first practice after school from 3:15 to 4:30pm.


    2023 MES Boys Soccer Team

    (8) Seamus Ahern

    (8) Jake Arbeit

    (8) Jack Bryant

    (8) Oliver Cafiero

    (8) Chase Capiello

    (8) Hunter Monte

    (7) Brad Bateman

    (7) Peter Koenig

    (7) Sean Manning

    (7) Andy Manser

    (7) Henry Reilly

    (7) Collins Sharkey

    (6) Jax Dowd

    (6) Paolo Manno


    *** The following players have one more day of try-outs to complete tomorrow ***

    (7) Aaron Johnson

    (7) Zach Sorino

    (6) Christiano Gafanha






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