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    Welcome to the MES Band page!! It's going to be a great year of music and performance at Manasquan Elementary School! Here you can find all the information you need for a successful year in band and music class


    Check out this video on the benefits of playing an instrument!! 





    Welcome Back to MES!! We have all missed you over these past few months and are looking forward to seeing you back in school and ready to tackle this brand new year! 

    Band lessons will be starting back up soon in both an in-person limited lesson schedule and a virtual platform. I am very excited to fill the halls of MES with music once again and I am even more excited to see everyone and catch up after a long hiatus. An email to Parents and Students will be sent this week with further details and some ideas about how lesson scheduling will work. Please make sure to read it carefully. We may also try to have a virtual band parent meeting at some point in the next couple of weeks so discuss this year's gameplan. It will be very different from anything we have ever done, but we will meet all challenges head on!  

    4th Grade students interested in starting a band instrument will have until 9/24 to submit their interest paperwork and aquire an instrument. I will be around to speak with all 4th garde students soon to discuss band options at MES and distribute the necessary paperwork to enroll in our band program. 


    Band Lessons at MES!!! Lesson days, lesson groups and a schedule have been posted under the "Lesson Schedule" tab on this website and also on the bulletin board in the music room. There are hard copies of the schedule available to take home, just pick one up. Our current band groups are as follows:

    4th Grade- Junior Band (Lesson Days: Tuesday & Wednesday)

    5th Grade- (Lesson Day: Monday)

    6th- 8th Grade- Senior Band (Lesson Days: Thursday & Friday)

    All lessons take place during the school day, so please follow the lesson schedule as lesson time change week to week. Please come prepared with your instrument and music! 


    Morning Rehearsal schedule 7:45-8:20am 


    TBD (virtual) 


    Upcoming Concert and Performance Dates


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at eclark@manasquanboe.org