Computer Technology

       Rules and Regulations

    6th , 7th & 8th grades

    Mr. Wahl




    • Be on time to class!

    • Be in your seat when the bell rings.

    • Be prepared for class with your tablet, folder, flash drive and two pens or pencils.

    • Absolutely no gum chewing, food, or drinks allowed in the computer lab.

    • If you have a question raise your hand.  DO NOT call out.

    • Check your email daily

    • Check student portal to see if you have missing assignments

    • If your tablet is cracked or broken, use tech support Mon, Wed, & Fri during lunch.

    •  Make sure all of your assignments are handed in on time with your name on top.

    • Save all your work to the One Drive and G: drive.

    • Do not download ANYTHING, unless you are directly instructed to do so.

    • Do not use the computer for personal use during class time.

    • Do not tell your password to anyone.

    • No spinning in your chair or rolling around in it. 

    • Do not touch anyone else’s computer for any reason.

    • If you get stuck or run into a problem, DO NOT try to fix it yourself, immediately ask for help. (You may end up making the problem worse or unfixable)

    • Do not print anything unless you are instructed to do so.

    • Print all your work in black ink only, unless instructed to print in color.

    • At the end of each class make sure you shut down your tablet to save your battery and push in you chair before leaving the lab.

    • If you are absent make arrangements with me the next day you are back in school to make up any missed work.  This is YOUR responsibility not mine.