• Wednesday, May 20th
    1 Math Group today 
    Today you have Gym 
     Topic 12- Fractions – Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers 

    Vocabulary:  Mixed Number- has a whole number and a fraction. Ex: 5 ½   

                     Improper Fraction: has a numerator that is greater than the denominator  


    Think About It: You have learned how to convert/change Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions and Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers. 

    1)Complete IXL Teacher Recommendations to a Smart Score 85    

        -Convert Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 


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      Language Arts-   

     If you have not done IXL this week start there with TRS in LA



    CLICK HERE    LA Text Book
    A friendly letter is written to tell a person you know well about something interesting that happened.
    Friendly letters are often written using informal language. Look at the example friendly letter with the important parts labeled: heading, salutation, message (body), closing, and signature. 
    Write a friendly letter to me telling me about what you have been doing for fun and how you are feeling being at home. 
    Feel free to include anything else you want in your letter! 
    Make sure you have included all of the parts of a letter in yours! Use the samples below to be sure yo have the correct format.
    Email it when you are finished. 
    Friendly letter w-labels


    Social Studies:


    No Assignment this week:)




     Chapter 6 “Earth’s Resources” Review and Study – this week review what we’ve learned in this chapter, next week we will be having a test on the following material. 


    1-all 16 Vocabulary Smart Cards p. 281-284 in your Science textbook 

    2- Study Guide for Lessons 1-6 there are 2 bullets for each lesson p. 285 in your Science textbook