• Mrs. Eastmond's Sixth Grade Mathematics

    2015-2016 Classroom Policies & Procedures

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

                Our classroom policies and procedures will be discussed in great detail on the first day of school.  Please take the time to read and go over these pages with your child.  Since we are all after the same goal, it is a huge benefit for all of us to be on the same page.  Please have both your child and yourself sign the last page of this document and return the entire document to school with your child.  Each student will place their copy inside their binder to remain with them throughout the school year.  I will keep the signed portion with your contact information.  I am very excited and looking forward to a wonderful year! 


    Thank you so much for all of your cooperation!

    Mrs. Carrie Eastmond  


    Classroom Rights:

                Every student has the right

    • To learn in a safe, clean, friendly environment.
    • To be respectful of every aspect of their classroom, including themselves, their fellow classmates, the teacher and all items within the classroom.
    • To be in class and in their assigned seats by the time the bell rings.
    • To be prepared for class which includes having all the necessary materials required for the day, including their text, binder, homework, etc.
    • To try their best everyday, work hard and always believe that they will succeed.


    *** All rules and policies stated by the Manasquan School District Student Code of Conduct will be strictly followed and enforced. ***


    Grading System:

    Each student's grade will be determined using a point system.  Every aspect of a student's overall grade including homework, in class work, group projects, quizzes and tests will each be worth a predetermined number of points.  Each marking period grade will be determined by the number of points each individual student earns throughout the marking period.  The total number of possible points divided by the total number of earned points will provide the awarded grade. 


    • Homework will be due Tuesday through Friday and counts towards both the individual homework grade and the student’s participation grade for that day.
    • Individual in-class assignments and group assignments will be collected and graded using general rubrics or rubrics created specifically for an assignment/project.  (Rubrics will be provided to the students prior to beginning the assignment.)
    • Quizzes and tests will be announced ahead of time.  Quizzes will be given weekly and sometimes might consist of using specific items from one’s notebook/binder (HINT, HINT, keep those binders neat and organized you never know when you might need them!)
    • Tests will be given at the end of both chapters and units.  We will have a review period prior to the day of the test, but it will be each individual student’s responsibility to attend the extra-help day if they feel they need it.  (Extra-help day will be Wednesday afternoons.) 



    Each student will be required to have a one inch binder, divided into four sections:

                                  1.  Do Nows

                                  2.  Notes

                                  3.  Homework

                                  4.  Quizzes/Tests

    At least two pencils, a pen and a highlighter.



                Each student will be given the same amount of time they were absent, to hand in their missed work.  For example, if a student is out for two days, they will have two days to hand in their work.  After the given amount of time has passed, work will no longer be accepted.  The students are responsible for finding out what they missed.  If asked the teacher will gladly provide notes for the lessons missed.

    Parent Portal for Genesis:

    Student progress can be monitored through the Parent Portal of the Genesis Student Information System.  This system will enable you to access student grades and attendance online. This student information will be updated in a timely fashion throughout the school year.   


    For any questions and concerns please feel free to contact me at any time.    



    I have read and discussed the Classroom Policies and Procedures with my child.




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    Name: ___________________      Signature:__________________


    Contact Information

    Please provide the best way to get in contact with you.


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