• Assignments: Unit 4 Lesson 16 Date Assigned Due Date
    Sound of the week: Unit 4 Lesson 16
     words with long o ( o, oa, ow)
    Language Arts: U4L16
    Read: Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble
    Vocabulary-study index cards
    Grammar: Pronouns
    Target Skill: Story Structure
    username: student2
    password: grade 2 
    Math: Topic 9 Subtracting with Regrouping
    Homework: R and P 9-5
    websites: ixl.com/ Sum Dog/ Fun Brain/XtraMath.com
    Socail Studies:
    Science: Plants and Animals
    Lesson 1: What are teh parts of plants?
    Lesson 2: What are some kinds of animals?
    Lesson 3: What are some parts of animals?
    Lesson 4: Where do plants and animals live?
    Lesson 5: How do living things get food?
    Fundations Unit 10