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    Middle School Science 

    The Manasquan Elementary School Science Department believes that an effective student-centered science program includes an approach to learning that engages students physically and mentally in an inquiry-based laboratory program. The major goal of the program is to develop substantive science literacy in all students. The program must provide students with opportunities to expand, change, enhance, and modify the ways in which they view the world.


    We provide an environment that promotes students' thinking, honesty, curiosity, and questioning. Students should be empowered to express and share points of view, solve problems, and make decisions based on evidence.


    As a human endeavor, science seeks to provide an explanation of phenomena occurring in the natural world. This endeavor utilizes two major components: scientific inquiry and scientific knowledge.

      -Scientific inquiry is made up of the procedures used to generate scientific knowledge and is grounded in sound cognitive, manipulative, and investigative processes.

       -Scientific knowledge represents the laws, principles, theories, concepts, and data that the scientific community recognizes as the most accurate and useful.


    Science questions all things, rejects the labeling of statements as unalterable, and opens itself to continual scrutiny and modification. It is a creative process, which attempts to discover and understand. An ideal setting for discovery includes hands-on activities that provide for the active involvement of students. Science is a never-ending process of discovery, interpretation, and evaluation.


    Our curriculum provides a flexible program for the acquisition of knowledge and

    utilization of the scientific processes appropriate to the level of the student. The science

    curriculum and instruction presented to students in science classes need to be differentiated to provide appropriate rigor and challenge for all learners. The essential curriculum identifies the core that all students are to learn.


    The Manasquan Elementary School science program is closely aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards for 6-8 grades.  STEM initiatives (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are presented to students at every grade level.  Middle school science courses are designed to prepare students to meet with success on state assessments and in their high school science classes. 



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    Mr. Rob Markovitch
    Mrs. Laura Wahl