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    Hey guys!  As I'm sure you know, we are moving to the Virtual Classroom beginning 3/16.  We went over this in class on Friday, so I know that you are prepared!  The Virtual Classroom will be run from Canvas, not from here, so be sure that you are checking the Virtual Classroom module daily.  You need to follow your regular class schedule through each of your Canvas courses.  I'll be taking attendance daily through the discussion board, as I showed you.  Make sure you are logged in to the correct date! You will need your novel and tablet for my class.  Any grammar that we do will be through NoRedInk.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me via e-mail (kward@manasquan.k12.nj.us).  I know that this is going to be a strange couple weeks, but we'll be fine!  It'll be an adventure.  Make sure you're staying on track and doing the right thing.  Keep in touch!

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    E-mail address: kward@manasquan.k12.nj.us (*This is the best way to reach me.)
    Phone number: 732-528-8810 ext. 2305