Cast List for Aladdin

Posted by Kristine Sliwoski on 1/30/2020

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  Our first rehearsal begins next week where rehearsal schedules will be handed out and we will begin working through the music.  I’ll also be handing out scripts.  I cannot wait to begin and thank you all so much for auditioning! If somehow I missed a name please email me immedietely as everyone made the show!!  I hope to see you all at our first rehearsal!

Aladdin:  Dave “The Rave” Seeley

Shop Owner: Angelina George

Kassim: Molly McCarthy

Omar:  Luke Rudo

Babkak: Luke Dingler

Jasmine: Mirabelle Elliot

Isir:  Emily Spears

Manal:  Megan Spears

Rajah: Olivia Maes

Sultan: Alex Passes

Jafar: Louis DeGenova

Iago: Andrew Marcucci

Genie:  Liam Pollock

Razoul:  Nick Bounassi

Guard 1: Nicholas O’Neill Darago

Guard 2 Grace Buckley

Beggar 1 Maeve Korth

Beggar 2 Maddie Marshall

Beggar 3  Claire DeSalto

Apple Vendor: Emelia Thompson

Fortune Teller:  Ainsley Price

 Attendent 1: Michaela Fay

Attendent 2: Elizabeth Brennan

Prince Abdullah: Nestor Bautista

Spooky Voice Nicholas O’Neill Darago

Cave of Wonder voice  Nicholas O’Neill Daragoa

Agrabahns: Jacky Stewart, Anthony Loffredo, Mike McNulty, Eleanor Ragan, Colleen Ragan, Garrett Devine, Charlotte Michko, Will Minervini, Madelyn Schlatter, Emily Heredia, Caroline Giblin, Olivia Cesario, Angelina George, Nestor Bautista, Elizabeth Brennan

Spooky Voice Understudy: Logan Ridge