• Extra Credit

    During the weeks we are focusing on reviewing skills on IXL, we are offering a Current Events extra credit project. 

    This work is not mandatory, but students can earn extra credit points for doing it. It will not effect their grade at all if they do not participate. 


    Week of May 4: Scholastic News


    Classroom Password: manasquan3 (all lowercase)

    1. Visit the Scholastic website

    2. Scroll down to March 30, 2020 Issue "Civil War Spy"

    3. Read newspaper (you may want to read it in presentation view).

    4. Choose an article that has 4 or more paragraphs and complete the worksheet.  Have your parents take a picture or upload the worksheet and email it to me.  We can also have a discussion after our Thursday Zooms for anyone who participates in the extra credit assignment. 

    5. Current Events Graphic Organizer: Current Events Worksheet