• This week you will watch and listen to the teacher made videos for science found below. While listening, have your science book open and follow along. You will also answer the questions within the textbook. When completed, sign into PearsonRealize.com and complete the Lesson Quiz. Please refer to your textbook for help with the questions.

     (Link to Pearson Realize)


    Chapter 4 Lesson 1 -How Can You Classify Animals? read by Mrs. Brown 

    Chapter 4 Lesson 2 -How Are Offspring Like Their Parents? read by Mrs. Brown

    Chapter 4 Lesson 3 -What Are the Life Cycles of Some Animals? read by Mrs. Brown 

    Create-An-Animal Project

    You will use your imagination to create an animal based on the information you have learned.  Label your animal and tell us an interesting fact. Make it colorful, neat, and be creative! When you are done, email us a picture of your animal!

     Example by the very talented, Mrs. Femenella:

    Create an animal example



    Plant a seed or regrow a plant, and record observations:

    Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VugzOzb_oE   (Regrow new plants from scraps)


    If you have any type of dried bean handy, you can put in a wet paper town, place in a ziplock baggy, and tape to a sunny window.  Your bean plant should sprout in a few days. 


    Find a seed and plant in soil.  Put in a sunny place and water.



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    VIDEO Science Lesson 3: How Plants Use Stems and Roots?  (Read by Mrs. Femenella)

    printable worksheet: lesson 3 check-up  (you should have this in your packet)


    VIDEO Science Lesson 4: How Do Plants Use Seeds and Cones to Reprouce?   (Read by Mrs. Brown)

    printable worksheet: Lesson 4 Check up (you should have this in your packet)


    VIDEO Science Lesson 5: Life Cycles of a Plant (Read by Mrs. Femenella)

    printable worksheet: Lesson 5 Check-up (please print out - this was NOT  in the packet)


    Wednesday/Thursday Create-a-Plant examples

    taproot     flower