• Welcome to Math Club!


    Students will complete different themed projects each month. The projects will have different math skills that will be addressed. Students can work collaboratively to finish these project-based learning activities. 


    Meeting Dates:

    September 30th

    October 21st

    November 18th

    December 9th

    No January Meeting

    February 24th

    March 24th

    April 7th

    April 28th

    May 19th

    June 2nd



  • Math Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Snel

    Grades: 4th and 5th

    Location: Room 105

    Meetings: 3:10-4:00


    Membership: Email if you would like to join before the first meeting!

    You do not have to commit to every meeting, you can come to the ones you are able to. This club will apply many different math topics at a time and is not to be considered a basic skills math. Each fun project will take the entire time, so students will need to be prepared to get right to work!