The National Junior Honor Society strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate interest in community service, promote leadership, develop character, and encourage good citizenship.

    Eligible students in grades 6-8 must meet the minimum 95% in core (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) subject areas.  Students who qualify will receive an invitation to apply after the 2nd marking period has ended.  Students who complete the required forms will be selected by our Faculty Council if they meet the high standards of scholarship, service (a minimum of 10 hours- from June of the previous year to the due date of the form- is necessary in order to be considered for acceptance), leadership, citizenship, and character as outlined by the organization.   

    *Additional Note: It should be understood that grades for students pacticipating in honors classes or high school level courses are NOT weighted for NJHS acceptance calculations.

    Once accepted, members are required to attend NJHS meetings, to participate in both individual & group community service projects, and to model behaviors the exemplify the standards listed above. 

    Important Documents: 

    2019 Application Packet

     Hour Recording Forms

    Remind Sign Up Instructions

  • National Junior Honor Society

    Advisor: Miss Saake

    Grades: 6-8

    Location: Meetings are held in Room 114

    Meetings: Meetings are held monthly. Please see the schedule that was handed out in the beginning of the year.  

    Membership:  All eligible applicants are invited to apply each spring