• FUNdamentals



    FUNDAMENTALS' PARENT MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY 10/14 AT 9:00 AM IN THE MES CAFETERIA. Letters outlining criteria will be sent home by 10/8 to elligible students. 


    FUNdamentals provides supplemental instruction in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics for identified students in grades K-8. This program has been designed to meet your child's individual instructional needs. The goal of the program is to remediate targeted skills and/or gaps in learning in order for our students to perform at a level commensurate with his or her grade placement.

    Language Arts Instruction:letters and numbers
          Grade 1-8:  Christin Walsh, Reading Specialist  x2830
                            Kindle Kuriscak                            x2830
    Math Instruction:
          Grade 3-5:  Teresa Reichey     x2830
          Grade 6:     Carrie Eastmond  x2821
          Grade 7:     Andrew Manser    x2834
          Grade 8:     Jestine Jones       x2890

    Recommendation for Placement  (Grades K - 8)

    Grade K - 2:  

    • Teacher Recommendation based on ELA (84 and below) & academic needs observed
    • i-ready math diagnostic, Start Strong Assessment, and Reading running records

    For Grades 4-8:

    • i-ready math diagnostic, reading running records, Start Strong Assessment, and teacher recommendation will  be considered in the areas of Language Arts Literacy and mathematics        

    *Other methods of possible placement in program:

    • Administrative Recommendation
    • Recommendation of I&RS/504 Committee
    • Parental Request

    Length of Classes

    Our classes are designed to meet the needs of all students.  At this time, teachers will be pushing into homeroom classes to work within class instruction. Students will meet with teachers in small guided reading and/or guided math group sessions that work within the curriculum. 

     Two push-in periods per week:

    • LA needs will be addressed within guided reading and small instrucational groups in the classroom
    • math needs will be addressed within the classroom in small guided math and small instructional group sessions

    Grade 3-5: 

    • Students identified as needing basic skills instruction will receive 2-3 push-in math periods per week
    • Each homeroom will have structured guided reading periods through weekly LA instruction and small group instruction. 
    Grades 6-8: Two pull-out periods for LA and/or Math.

    Parent Resources: