• Welcome to the Media Center


    The Media Center is open from:

    8:30-3:15 Monday thru Thursday

    8:30-3:35 Wednesday and

    8:30-3:00 on Friday. 


    The Media Center is an integral element of the educational program at Manasquan Elementary School. It serves all of the elementary students from K-8 and it is designed to be a collaborative learning space to meet the needs of today's students and teachers in order to promote their academic success. The Media Center is a located in a bright and inviting part of the school and is staffed by a full-time School Library Media Specialist who is always eager to help.


    The Media Center serves as a fundamental resource to instruct, stimulate and foster individual growth through print and non-print resources.  The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and the online databases give staff and students access to a plethora of reference materials available for research. In addition, the Media Center contains a professional development collection that is designed to encourage staff with opportunities for life-long learning and education.


    In order to facilitate 21st Century literary skills, the Media Center recognizes that media and instructional technologies become tools of engagement that promote critical and creative thinking, communication, and global awareness. Therefore, we offer a variety of instructional technology tools to educate and empower students and staff.    


    All of the resources within the Media Center are assessed on a regular basis and updated throughout the academic school year in order to meet the current needs of the educational programs. The annual budget provides for the purchases of new books, periodicals, equipment and technology as well any maintenance needed for existing services and resources.