Innovation Lab Overview

    The Innovation Lab spans 2 flexible, multipurpose STEM classrooms at Manasquan High School. It is the home to all non-credit activities within our STEM Academy. In this setting, creative thinking, technical skills, and  “learning-by-doing” are encouraged. This cross-curricular space allows Manasquan High School to incorporate 3D printers, robotics, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, esports/gaming, and other emerging technologies into both the curriculum and students’ extracurricular projects. The space is equipped with multiple 3D printers, a Glowforge, a Large-format Plotter Printer, VEX Robotics, and so much more! Our  20 high-end gaming PCs are also used for upper-level engineering courses.
    Manasquan Esports Logo
    • Home of our SquanHS Esports Team (2020+)
    • Our Team Won the 2023 Insight Intel Esports Arena Makeover! Our Esports Arena is located within our Innovation Lab, room 464, and includes 20 high-end gaming PCs.
    • 2021 Rocket League State Champs

     2021 GSE Rocket League State Champs

    Home of our NJ STEAM TANK Challenge invention teams (State champions: 2017 & 2018, 2019 2nd Place, 2022 2nd Place, plus multiple years of specialty awards).

    2024 STEAM Tank Qualifier Badge 23_STEAM Tank_Regional Qualifiers Badge.jpg2022 STEAM Tank Finalist 20222019_STEAM Tank_EcoCast ChillingNJ STEAM TANK State Champions Banner

     Home of our 2019 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam



    Mrs. Edwards pursued and received two grants to create this space: $5,000 from LibraryLinkNJ and $10,000 from the OceanFirst Foundation. On Oct. 26, 2015, MHS held a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to celebrate its official opening. 
    With Mrs. Edwards & Mr. Snyder to facilitate, the Innovation Lab is available for use by students during STEM Academy/PLTW Engineering classes, as well as for students to work on independent projects during community lunch and after school. The Innovation Lab, and its resources, provide a strong cross-curricular foundation to motivate students to study and succeed in STEM-related fields.