• Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Manasquan High School Academic Hall of Fame is to recognize members of the Blue and Gray family who have demonstrated a commitment to education, a depth of scholarship, and both outstanding and creative work in their respective field. Graduates who, by virtue of their accomplishments, service, commitment, dedication, or force of character have enriched that history for all time will be recognized for their career and life achievements that began with their academic preparation within the walls of Manasquan High School.

    Criteria Process

    Nominees must be an alumni of Manasquan High School.
    Nominees must have graduated at least 20 years before they are considered.
    Nominations will be accepted annually and evaluated by the Manasquan High School Academic Hall of Fame Committee.
    An outline of the nominee’s career accomplishments must be submitted. This may include awards and honors received, published works, and overall career accomplishments. Students must also demonstrate strong character and morals.
    Each inductee will have their name engraved on a plaque and their biography will be added to the Hall of Fame Display.

    Application Process

    The nominators are encouraged to provide as much information and documentation as possible in order to assist in the verification process. This includes original or reproduced articles, yearbook pages, information about awards earned, web pages, etc.

    All nominations, as well as documentation, should be sent to:

    Jim Fagen at jfagen@manasquanboe.org

    Jim Fagen
    Manasquan High School
    167 Broad Street
    Manasquan, NJ 08736