• Manasquan High School Booster Club 

    For more than sixty-four years the Manasquan High School Booster Club has been engaged in developing fund raising activities and programs designed to promote Manasquan High School and the students engaged in sports
    and extracurricular activities.


    We are a non-profit organization raising funds strictly for MHS.


     Manasquan High School Booster Club's activities and contributions to MHS:
    •    Responsible for organizing the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    •    Updating the award plaques in the hallway three times a year.
    •    Purchasing championship team photos that hang outside the gym.
    •    Purchasing and updating the banners that hang in our gym.
    •    Sponsoring the Sports Award Nights three times a year and providing refreshments.
    •    Purchasing individual championship plaques for each student.
    •    Award seven scholarships to our outstanding athletics.
    •    Purchasing the trophy cases outside the gym.
    •    We are always there when the athletic department has a special monetary need.
    Hall of Fame

    The Manasquan High School Booster Club is responsible for the Manasquan High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  MHS is rich with athletic accomplishments and for the past three years we have begun to recognize these accomplishments and the people behind them. Our selection committee works year round to select new candidates. The Hall of Fame inductees are recognized at a home football game and honored the following day with an awards banquet.


    The Hall of Fame is located outside the gymnasium for all to admire.


    Membership and Meetings


    Please consider becoming a member of the Big Blue Booster Club Family.

    We meet the second Wednesday of each month at The Manasquan Elks Lodge on Hwy 71 and Parker, Manasquan, NJ at 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted.)   We are always looking for new ideas to continue our success.


    A club for all sports...a club for all seasons......