• Dance

    The dance program at MHS gives students the opportunity to develop strong communication skills, a strong mind/body connection and a strong sense of self-identity. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively and are inspired to live a healthy lifestyle through movement. They will also find new ways to reflect on their experiences and develop new problem solving skills in a safe and inclusive environment. 

    Dance Pathways

    Path 1 : Experienced Dancers (Students who have formal dance training)

    Year 1 : Foundations of Dance

    Years 2 - 4 : Advanced Dance I, Advances Dance II, Advanced Dance III

    Path 2 : Non-Experienced Dancers (New to dance)

    Year 1 : Foundations of Dance

    Years 2 - 4 : Dance Performance I, Dance Performance II, Dance Performance III


    *Students must take a minimum of 10 credits in dance related courses to graduate with a specialty in "Dance" from the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.