• Philosophy of Physical Education and Health

    Effective human productivity depends upon physical well-being and healthy living.  Education for physical development and health provides students with the knowledge and attitudes to achieve healthful living throughout their lives and to acquire physical fitness leading to the development of a healthy lifestyle.

    To begin, our physical education program consists of physical activities that establish positive attitudes, movement competencies, vigor and strength enabling each student to establish a pattern of living for a useful and happy future life.  Each teacher creates an atmosphere where every student feels comfortable expressing themselves in an activity-based classroom.  These activities help students maintain an active lifestyle and develop wholesome attitudes toward their physical selves.  Our program develops a desire to participate in leisure-time activities and benefit from the social growth these activities can provide.  We relate to each student the importance of interaction with fellow students emotionally, both cooperatively and during competition.  The interest and needs of all students are met through instruction in and the development of sport skills, an understanding and appreciation for total body fitness and recreational games.  An individual can learn to get along with others in a competitive situation which can carry over non-competitive life situations.

    Also, students must be provided with opportunities to explore health-related problems confronting contemporary society to enable them to make effective decisions concerning their own health and that of their family, friends and community. Our program is designed to cover a broad range of health-related problems but emphasis is placed on those problems of greatest immediate importance to the high school student.  Scientific discovery and recent progress in health science are examined as an approach to the solution of health problems.  Students are given numerous opportunities to participate in peer mentoring, health advocacy and service-learning as a part of the experiential learning model.

    To sum up, the high school years are a tremendously important period in the development of each student, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  A healthy body enables one to more fully enjoy all aspects of living and assures a greater likelihood of success in any worthwhile undertaking.  We urge every student to become thoroughly involved in our daily program encompassing a wide variety of activities.  Regular, enthusiastic participation is the pathway to a longer life and a more satisfying existence. Accordingly, the health and P/E curriculum is designed to address the State Core content standards over the course of four years.

  • Mr. Donald Bramley
    Supervisor of Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
    Amy Certo
    Kevin Hyland
    Claire Kozic
    Brian Lee
    Jill Santucci
    Matt Voskian
    Dana Warncke
    Matthew Schaad

Course Offerings

  • Physical Education I

  • Health I

  • Physical Education II

  • Health II

  • Physical Education III

  • Health III

  • Physical Education IV

  • Health IV

  • Athletic Training & Sports Injury Management

  • Peer Leadership Training

  • Introduction to Nutrition

  • Principles Of Officiating And Coaching Team Sports

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