• Manasquan World Language Overview

    The World Language Department at Manasquan High School designs its curriculum and courses to prepare students for authentic language use in the real world.  Students will be able to participate in culturally appropriate ways in face-to-face interactions with members of other cultures.  During instruction they are involved in meaningful, motivating and yet cognitively challenging activities in which they interact with each other producing language in meaningful real-life contexts.  While conversing, interpreting language, and presenting ideas and concepts, students also examine world cultures in order to make connections and contrasts that foster linguistic understanding and cultural appreciation of their local, state and world community.

    The French, Italian, and Spanish courses offered address the interests and needs of a diverse student body while fostering language acquisition, critical thinking skills, and creativity.  Students can enroll in courses designed for beginners, native speakers, and the talented students who want to continue their linguistic studies to the Advanced Placement level.

  • Mr. Robert Goodall, 
    High School Principal
    Supervisor of Social Studies and World Language
    Mrs. Carol Anderson, B.S.
    Mrs. Maria Eldridge, B.A., M.A.
    Mrs. Allyon Griffith, B.A., M.Ed.
    Mr. Jeff Hoffman, B.A.
    Ms. Kristin Radzinsky, B.S.
    Ms. Rosa Russo, B.A.
    Mrs. Lauren Thieme, B.A.
    Mrs. Christina Virok, B.A., M.A.