• "The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital."
    ~ Joe Paterno



    To help students successfully complete the Physical Education credit requirement, it is important to familiarize yourself with the following information.


    A.   Department Statement 


    In Physical Education, the student is educated by means of physical activity. The need for activity is one of the characteristics of the maturing adolescent. Their health depends, in part, upon their opportunity to engage daily in vigorous physical activity. Physical Education contributes to this need by providing a wide variety of activities which aid in the development of strength, control, skills, endurance, stamina, and coordination.  Interest in lifetime activities and team sports are nurtured. In addition, these activities provide an outlet for fatigue and a means of relieving or releasing stress which sometimes results from periods of concentration on academic subjects, and also provides a means of self-expression.


    The program contributes to the use of physical activities for personal development in the areas of physical fitness, motor abilities, mental abilities, and social abilities. Numerous situations in physical education can be utilized in the development of favorable group attitudes; the desirable reactions of a pupil toward other pupils and to leaders; the healthy regard for competitors and adversaries; the will to keep to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules; and the ability to be both a follower and a leader.

    It is the aim of physical education to provide an opportunity for the individual to act in situations that are physically healthy, mentally stimulating, satisfying, and socially sound.


    B.  Physical Education Attire


    1.         Athletic shoes with sweat socks are required.  No walking, hiking, or desert boots will be accepted

    2.         Non-offensive T-shirts or sweat shirts, as defined in the Student handbook, should be worn.

    3.         Athletic shorts or sweat pants are acceptable. No cut-offs or any type of shorts with loose pockets, loops, etc. will be allowed        

    4.         Leotards or spandex outfits for particular activities are acceptable. (E.g. aerobics or weight training)

    5.         For safety purposes, NO JEWELRY may be worn during class activities. This includes bracelets, necklaces, watches and rings. All valuables, including jewelry, should be locked up during all classes. The Physical Education Department will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewelry etc...

    6.         It is recommended that each student bring a sweat shirt and/or sweat pants for outdoor classes during the fall and spring semester.

    7.         We strongly recommend either showering and/or using body deodorants at the end of each activity period. It is further recommended that physical education attire be regularly cleaned to help maintain favorable individual and group health standards.


    C.  Gymnasium Regulations


    1.         Only athletic shoes or sneakers are to be worn.

    2.         Students MUST be supervised to use any equipment, in any area, before, during, or after school.

    3.         Students and Teachers should use the main hallways and not walk through the gymnasium to get to their next class.

    4.         No food or drink is allowed in the locker room area or gymnasium.  No student is permitted in the locker room or gymnasium area except during their scheduled physical education classes except with a signed pass from a head coach.

    5.         No student is permitted in the locker room or gymnasium area except during their scheduled physical education classes except with a signed pass from a head coach.


    D.  Locker Room Regulations


    1.         No lockers are to be used in the team rooms unless assigned by a coach.

    2.         We strongly recommend each student use a lock to secure clothing and valuables during class periods. Combination locks are more practical because of lost keys.

    3.         All locks used during class in the boy's locker room are to be removed by the end of each class period.

    4.         Students are to remain in the locker rooms at the end of each class and wait until the bell rings. Students who leave class and/or the locker room area without being dismissed will be written up for leaving class without permission.

    5.         REMINDER: No food or drink in the locker room or gym area.




    E.  Accidents


    1.         ALL injuries should be reported IMMEDIATELY to your teacher and/or the teacher in charge.

    2.         All and any unsafe equipment or situations should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the nearest teacher and/or the teacher in charge.


    F.  Preparation Regulations


    1.         Unless excused, ~ students are to be dressed in their proper Physical Education attire for each class period. Failure to change results is a I5-point reduction in the student's grade. Only one unprepared can be made up per marking period.

    2.         Students should wear sneakers and a T-shirt or sweatshirt and shorts or sweatpants. Students should not wear the clothes they wear to school for Physical Education class for health reasons.

    3.         Students will have five minutes from the dismissal bell of their previous class period to be in the gymnasium and in their assigned squad for attendance. We will adhere strictly to the school's Tardiness Policy, as stated in the Student Handbook.

    4          After attendance is taken, students will have 5-7 minutes to change for class and be in their proper squads again so that teachers can check for unprepared’s etc.


    G.  Grading Criteria


    1.         Students will be Graded on their Effort, Written Test, Skill Test, Preparedness, Co-operation, Ability, Attitude, Attendance, Participation and adherence to safety standards.


    3.         The Physical Education grade is based on the following five criteria, each accounting for 20% of the grade:

    ·    Preparation Grade- Students are in class but do not dress for activities and are unable to participate. Fifteen points will be deducted for each unprepared and the final grade will not be higher than the preparation grade.

    ·    Participation Grade- Absences will be graded according to the following guidelines. Students can make up absences. (2 make-ups for each block missed.)

    ·    Point Deduction:

    ·    0 = -10 off marking period grade

    ·    Cut = -10 off marking period grade

    ·    A deduction of 5 points will be taken from the participation grade for absences.

    ·    Lack of effort or participation will result in a deduction of 10 points off the participation grade

    ·    Team Play- Sportsmanship, class contributions, attitude, skill ability and tests, and adherence to safety procedures.

    ·    Fitness- Various cardiovascular activities including Personal Best Fitness Test, and pre and Post-test timed mile run 

    ·    Written Test- Students will be tested on rules, objectives, strategies, and safety.


    H.  Medical Excuses


    Any medical excuse for an extended period of time must be obtained from a doctor. Students will show the doctor's note to their teacher, who will then sign the note and send the student to the nurse where the note will be filed in the student’s medical record. The student will then be assigned to study hall. Please take note that a medical excuse for an extended period of time is not a note signed by the parents or nurse. For daily illness, students are to dress for class and then asked to be excused from participation for that day by their teacher.


    I.  Make-ups


    1.         Days will be available throughout the year for students to make up any lost points due to absences, Or UNPREPAREDS. Students must be dressed in the appropriate physical education attire when doing a make-up class.

    2.         One make-up due to an unprepared is allowed per marking period. An unlimited number of absences can be made up.


    4.         Student can attend an athletic contest of a sport in season and write a synopsis of the event and turn it into their teacher. A procedure will be established for the student to check in with the manager or coach at the game. (Student cannot attend an event in the sport he/she participates.)