• Online Course Scheduling Instructions

    The steps to request courses for next year are detailed below.

    Step 1:

    On the Manasquan School District Website, click on the link to access the Parent Portal:

    Screenshot of Parent Portal Link

    Step 2: 

    Log in to the Parent Access Portal:

    Screenshot of Parent Portal Login page

    Step 3:

    Select the student on the right. (There will be a drop down if there are multiple students currently in the High School)

    Screenshot of select student menu.

    Step 4:

    Click on the Scheduling Tab on the top of the screen.

    Screenshot of parent portal scheduling tab

    Step 5:

    Click on requests

    Screenshot of scheduling requests tab

    Step 6:

    Once you have clicked on the request, a screen with courses will appear.  Many current High School teachers have made recommendations for students in the portal.  These requests are listed with the following icon:    Recommended by teacher

    Screenshot of course requests screen

    Step 7:

    To begin choosing your classes, click on the request a course link next to each subject.  That link will bring you to all courses that Manasquan High School offers, and will show exactly which course the student has been recommended for: YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED courses indicate courses that your child has completed or are in their current year schedule.

    The picture below shows all classes that are available to the student in addition to the ones that may have been recommended by the teachers.  If you are in agreement with the course recommended, click “Request This Course” in green on the right.

    Screenshot of course catalog screen

    Please note: each class you schedule can be ranked in order of priority, with 1 being the most important. 

    Screenshot of course priority menu

    • Elective Options should be ranked.

    DELETING COURSE REQUESTS: If you want to delete a course request, click the Garbage Can icon to the right of the course to be deleted.

    Screenshot of remove a course icon

    Step 8:


    On the REQUESTS page, CLICK the GREEN SUBMIT button (top of screen) when you are ready to submit your requests.  You must type the word SUBMIT in the pop-up box to finalize your request . Once you submit the Course Requests, they will be LOCKED; changes can only be made by your child’s School Counselor.

    Screenshot of submitting course requests

    Once the requests have been submitted, the school counselor will be reaching out to finalize the selections.