• *****IMPORTANT NEWS- THE SAT AND PSAT ARE GOING ALL DIGITAL!!  See what's coming and how to prepare.  The first ALL-DIGITAL PSAT will be in 2023, and the ALL-DIGITAL SAT test starts in 2024.  See link below, share info with your parents, and start to prepare!*****
    ACT vs. SAT - What's the Difference? Which one should I take?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT
    Click below to register to take the tests.  We recommend that all students take the SAT and/or ACT twice in the spring of their Junior year, and then once again in the Fall of their Senior year, if necessary.  Register today to avoid late fees.  Watch deadlines closely on each site.  Check with each school that you are applying to verify which tests are required/preferred.
    SAT and ACT
    TEST OPTIONAL SCHOOLS - These school DO NOT require the ACT and/or SAT for admission to their programs.  Other restrictions, however, may apply.  Check with each school to be sure what is needed.


    Test Preparation Options

    Free online, personalized SAT prep coursework when you link your PSAT score results with Khan Academy (We recommend you start here). 

    Kaplan Testing Center
    Kaplan's products and services.

    The College Board Online
    Practice SAT tests, questions of the day, tips, etc.

    The Princeton Review
    Princeton Review products and services including college searches.

    SAT and ACT test prep courses 
    BootCamp Weekend Prep seminars